Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dart Adams presents Tags, Throwups & Pieces: Another Extended Blogging Analogy

In the world of graf writing as in the world of blogging there are different philosophies as how to go from being a toy to becoming All City or attaining the title of King. In graf you can bomb relentlessly with tags displaying your your unique handstyle, throwups to save time and when time and space are no issue a piece or a full production. In the past, in order to truly attain full King status you had to be able to do all the above. In blogging? Not so much. The ironic part is that when I was a writer I specialized in doing tags & throwups but I wasn't gifted enough artistically to pull off full lush productions. I'm the complete opposite at blogging. This is as close to a quick post as I get.

The tag or sticker with a tag on it posted all over the place in graf is akin to posting up a pic/pics or an imbedded video on your blog with a couple of sentences to go along with it. You can do this multiple times daily and draw a gang of eyes to your site provided you get it up early enough and have people link to it. Difference being that if you're a big enough site then everyone else will begin posting exactly what you just posted. Not possible in graf where you're supposed to have your own individual style and not copy others...that kinda shit will get you fucked up if you ever get caught (in some cases even bodied).

Next comes the throw up. It's a mini piece that doesn't take much time or paint to do and in one night you can do a gang of them to get up whereas someone would spend all night and use up a gang of paint just to do one huge piece or full production. The throw up is analogous to posting up an mp3 or video along with a paragraph to describe or comment on it. A quick commentary on something that happened recently in pop culture along with a picture is the same way. You give the appearance of putting in serious work without doing the often time consuming research and writing that a full blog/piece would require. Some blogs post between 1-5 times a week and others can post between 25-50. It all depends on what you want to do or what style best fits you.

The piece/burner or full production usually requires scouting a time and location to execute, careful planning, a team to finish, a disgusting amount of paint of various colors and a sizable chunk of time not to mention serious physical exertion and supreme effort to pull off successfully. This is hailed as the standard of how to determine who is truly a King or not. You can bomb mercilessly with tags, stickers and throwups all over the place but if you can back that up with ill pieces to go along with them? Respect is undeniable. The blog equivalent are these long, well thought out pieces that people link to all over Twitter and others post a TL: DR on. That's my personal chamber, hence me naming my blog Poisonous Paragraphs. While we all have different approaches to blogging we must remember that we're all under to same umbrella and keep respect of the culture(s) at the forefront.


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