Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dart Adams presents My Most Played For The Week (Bloggerhouse Special Edition)

Here we go! This will be the first official post on Bloggerhouse. Eric has already highlighted his top 10 most played songs of the week but since we had to turn back time this morning and since two Interscope leaks extended my posting week I figured I should just go into overtime and post the 12 most played songs in my iTunes over the past 7 day stretch. Here come the pain! © Carlito Brigante:


1. Jay Electronica "Exhibit C"

What the hell else did you expect it to be? This is the song that took over Twitter, Facebook, Okayplayer and if there are actually still humans left on MySpace then there too. I rewound this song about 5 times before I finally downloaded it. It made me stare at air like I was high on peyote or some shit. Thank you Jay Electronica for restoring my faith in humanity. Thank you Just Blaze for making this jawn so I can finally forgive you for "All The Above". Can we get a Jay Electronica album now (heard "Suckas" yet?) and *gasp!* maybe "The Greatest Story Never Told" will finally see the light of day? We can only hope.


2. Dam-Funk "Mobbin Thru Busters"

If you can hear this funky ass song of off Dam-Funk "Toeachizown Vol. 4: Hood" without instantly making the scrunchface and nodding your head then may God have mercy on your soul! (no Morgan Freeman)


3. M.O.P. "Rude Bastard"

This song has become my de facto theme song ever since the M.O.P. "Foundation" album first appeared in my mailbox. I'll get sick of it eventually..maybe. I mean I still haven't yet and it's been months now but I'm sure that pretty soon I won't feel the urge to put it on repeat for 15 minutes during odd intervals throughout the day. Possibly. Doubt it highly, though.


4. Amerie f/ Trey Songz "Pretty Brown"

This definitely sounds like one of those songs that would've made one of my old pause tapes off the radio or would've been ripped off a CD back in the early 00's. On every R&B album that drops you always search for the "jams", those songs that always got the instant rewind. Off of Amerie's new release "In Love & War" this is the one that caught my ear, oddly enough it's going to be the next single (I say that because Def Jam is incompetent nowadays). Too bad she had to go and diss Beyonce for jackin' her steez and the label put her on time out during her last album.


5. Royce Da 5'9" "Count For Nothing"

This jawn knocks. Plus Royce mentions Noob Saibot in it which just somehow made me love it even more. The beat's sick and Royce, to quote Hex Murda, "killt it's face off". "Street Hop" will definitely be in the regular rotation through 2010.


6. Ryan Leslie "Zodiac"

This just happens to be the most played song in my iTunes off of the new Ryan Leslie album "Transition". Dude already dropped his self titled debut "Ryan Leslie" in January then he comes back with this jawn? The crazy thing is that there are about 6 other songs off this same project I could've chose in it's place. The album is that damn good.


7. Sean Price f/ Buckshot "Mama, I Want To Sing"

This was my favorite track off of the "Kimbo Price" mixtape. On Twitter I saw that Oddisee produced the track but wasn't credited for it anywhere on the releases liner notes. Eventually he got in contact with Dru Ha and I believed it got ironed out. In any event, I can't wait to finally hear "Mic Tyson".


8. Fashawn f/ Bravo "Breathe"

Fashawn and Exile may have very well crafted another classic album. I know that time will ultimately decide that or not and as Hip Hop critics we tend to be wary of the "c" word but screw that. I know classic material when I hear it and since music is timeless whether I heard it and thought so now or in 2013 it'll still be a classic either way. Just think of me as an early adopter.


9. Shafiq Husayn "Nirvana"

If you haven't heard or don't own a copy of "Shafiq En' A-Free-Ka" yet then you simply suck at life. 'Nuff said.


10. Sene & Blu "Owl Thru Gotham"

This is just one of many jams that get constant burn off of the Sene & Blu "A Day Late & A Dollar Short" LP. Had this entry been written last week it would've easily been replaced by "Every Deja Vu". If you haven't heard this album yet you're sleeping heavy.


11. 50 Cent "Strong Enough"

This 50 Cent track reminds me of the type of music 50 Cent is capable of when he stops trying to cater to radio and aim for selling 3 million copies. We he just does him it results in quality product. I was pleasantly surprised by his album "Before I Self Destruct" (which doesn't drop until November 24th I believe). "Strong Enough" knocks, period.


12. Michita f/ 72 "es-Sence 6"

Michita laces the hell outta this track for 72, a Japanese female emcee that murders it. I can't understand a damn thing she's saying but this much is painfully obvious: She's WAY better than Nicki Minaj. Look for Michita's "Three" wherever quality Hip Hop is sold (online or otherwise).


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