Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dart Adams presents 25 More Producers You Need To Hear Right Now (November 2009 Edition) Part Five

The Last Donut Of The Night © Dilla

Suzi Analogue (Dopeness Galore/Klipmode International)
Reps: Philadelphia, PA

How do I best describe the woman who goes by the name Suzi Analogue? Vocalist. Producer. Visionary. All of those and much, much more. You really need to hear Suzie Analogue's "World. Excerpts 1-9" (Shout out to Kenny Fresh @ Fresh Selects) and her 3P via Klipmode. You also should check out her videos on her YouTube channel. She has vocals on Devonwho's "Funraiser Vol. 1: Thumbtracks" and "Waves", Mindesign's "Light & Tunnels" as well as the upcoming release by Portformat "The Repeat Factory'. Look for her upcoming projects with Klipmode International Sound Agency & Dopeness Galore. You're welcome.

Sapient (Sandpeople Music)
Reps: Portland, OR

Maybe you heard Sapient on his albums "Dry Puddles", "Letterhead" & "Make More"? Maybe you heard his production on Sandpeople's "All In Vain", Grayskul's "Bloody Radio", Living Proof's "Roots To Branches" or Sandpeople's "Long Story Short EP"? Did you at least hear "Make Morphine: The Remixes", Debaser "Back To Work" or "Famine Friends"? Since they're all free you should have. Now you know who Sapient is. Remember the name.

Vitamin D (Rhymesayers Entertainment)
Reps: Seattle, WA

I'm an oldhead & a backpacker so I remember DJ Vitamin D from back in the old Ghetto Chilldren & Source Of Labor days. His projects & vinyl were popular among the Hip Hop mailorder circuit. Back then it was the main way for East Coast kids to get their hands on Midwest, Pacific Northwestern & West Coast underground releases via Hip Hop or Graffiti magazines. Vitamin D has produced for Chali 2NA, Boom Bap Project, Musab, The Gift Of Gab, Encore, Planet Asia, Supernatural, I Self Devine, Darien Brockington, Strange Fruit Project, Black Sheep, Young Buck, Redman, One Be Lo & Abstract Rude. He's a producer, DJ & an emcee with a 15 year career growing strong. Why do people continue to sleep on his skills?

Antman Wonder (Conscious Music)
Reps: Philadelphia, PA

Antman Wonder is a name you should know. Whether we're discussing his production for Add-2 or his exquisite instrumental projects "Instrumentals In Hi Fidelity" or "Ahh...More Music" it's clear that he has a bright future. Conscious Music is gonna make some serious headway in the game in 2010. Bet on it.

Mabanua (Origami Productions)
Reps: Tokyo, Japan

is easily one of the most slept on beatmakers, musicians and producers in the game today. He made one of the best albums that I've ever heard that manged to slip beneath the radar in the States. His opus "Done Already" is stacked from top to bottom with some of the most soulful material you can imagine. Straight up Hip Hop, R&B/Soul or Jazz are all executed effortlessly. I need a Mabanua sophomore project yesterday...and so do y'all. Class dismissed!

Next up: Blu, Fulgeance, The Clonius, Zo!, Nujabes, Dabrye, Shuko, Metabeats, Nosaj Thing, Jackhigh, Burial, Focus, Waajeed, Symbolyc One, Mindesign, Bless Beats, Len?ko, Keelay & Zaire, Dimlite, Kels TN2, Tomato Juice, M Slago, Koushik, Veterano & Ta' Raach


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