Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dart Adams presents 50 "Hip Hop Websites" That XXL Missed

I'm sure we all remember the fallout from Vibe's terrible "50 Hottest Blogs" list (partly because I raised such a ruckus about it). Well, Vibe was kind of embarrassed by the list and then they folded. Now they've been resurrected but I'm sure that they'll fuck up something else in their new incarnation (I have faith). In any event, while forgoing making another Freshmen list XXL decided to make a list showcasing the "Best 100 Hip Hop Websites"...meaning exactly what I dunno. I made this particular list (much to my surprise) and so did some other questionable sites. A few of which I'm gonna throw under the bus in 5..4..3..2..

BlogXilla made the list? Hold this the same dude who told me that he's not a Hip Hop blogger when I ripped his head off back this Summer? I believe so. He told me that he wasn't a Hip Hop blogger but a Gossip editor @ that bullshit site Global Grind as well as a sex & relationship blogger over @ BlogXilla. What about any of that is Hip Hop? Not a goddamn thing, that's what. Don't get me started on Bossip. Fuck Bossip. What about that TMZ/Entertainment Tonight bullshit screams "Hip Hop"? Nada.

Media Takeout calls themselves "the most visited urban website in the world" that doesn't fact check or have any standards as far as "news" is concerned. What about this site is Hip Hop? Think about VladTV & World Star Hip Hop. One is run by a dude who appeals to the lowest common denominator & claims he's a "journalist". He isn't. The other claims it's the "CNN of Urban Media" who at WSHH went to journalism school? Who's their editor & fact checker? Do they have any standards? Where do they draw the line? As far as I can tell...nowhere. They're just as bad as BET or Tyler Perry in my book. There are some other sites on the list that raised my eyebrows as well as my ire (MTV News? Kanye Univercity? PliesWorld?) but I'll save that for another day.

While many of my favorite bloggers & affiliates did make the list quite a few excellent blogs & Hip Hop websites were overlooked for a gang of fansites that don't really deserve any mention over them. I'm going to list 50 sites that XXL completely missed in alphabetical order rather than making the mistake of ranking them as that's purely subjective. Gee, I wonder where XXL got the idea to do that at? LOL

1. Amalgam Digital
2. Bama Loves Soul
3. Beat Society
4. Blind I For The Kids
5. Brainfeeder
6. Chrome Kids
7. Clap Cowards
8. Cold Rock Da Spot
9. Dante Ross
10. Dom Corleone's Hold The Throne
11. Dublab
12. The Fembassy
13. The Find Mag
14. Fresh Selects
15. From Da Bricks
16. The Full Clip
17. Guerilla Busfare
18. HeightFiveSeven
19. The Incubator
20. iStandard Producers
21. Just A Moment
22. The Kaos Effect
23. Know Good Music
24. Martini & Jopparelli's Music Selections
25. Metal Lungies
26. Mickey McFly
28. Nodfactor
29. Not A Blogger
30. 92bpm
31. Oh Word
32. Pardon Me Duke
33. Passion Of The Weiss
34. Platform 8470
35. Potholes In My Blog
36. QN5
37. Rappers I Know
38. Renaissance Soul Detroit
39. Rock The Dub
40. Smash Cartel
41. That's Major
43. 33 Jones
44. Three 21 Media
45. Turbo City
46. The Underground Come Up
47. Wayneandwax
48. Werner Van Wallenrod's Humble Little Hip Hop Blog
49. What's In My Headphones
50. Zilla Says

There are a gang of sites I didn't list here. No list will ever be perfect but remember that whatever list you post up you better try to do the best job possible at it so as to lessen the intensity of your scrutiny. We all have microscopes on us since we put ourselves out there to critique things and make lists. If I'm going to pick sites that represent the name or tag of "Hip Hop" I'm going to try my hardest to find sites that represent us at our best rather than ones that get a gang of hits. You won't find Bloggerhouse on this list anywhere, either. I won't even link it. That's corny. Any sites I missed PLEASE post the links in my comments. Oh, and thanks to XXL for selecting Poisonous Paragraphs. That's how you close out a blog, dammit!



DC to BC said...

i fuck with the list. i know of 27 of the 50, and they're solid. great fucking work. bout to check out the other 23 now.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Modi... all the sites on your list that I know are dope, and that's most of them.

hopefully by next year we'll be hitting some of these lists.

mixtapetina said...

I couldn't have said it better, except I'd add xo xo @mixtapetina

Thirtyseven said...

Amen to this whole piece. XXL can publish anything they want, I'm not reading it. This list was solid and full of cats I've never heard of and will be checking out later on...thanks for the heads-up.

khal said...

always appreciated. and congrats on your listing.

Werner von Wallenrod said...

Thanks for the inclusion! I appreciate it. =)

Two more sites I'd include are:

fresh said...

The one site I was truly surprised XXL didn't pick up on was Passion of the Weiss. It was good to see at least a few familiar names get listed in that article, though.

DocZeus said...

Congrats on making XXL, dude! And I certainly appreciate the shout out.

Iconoclast said... RIK or Metal Lungies on their list? that's a sarah palin ass fail right there.

unpossible! /desean jackson

Danny said...

Thanks for including us man, appreciate it!

Keep up the good work.

- Danny

ENIG MUE said...

props, its nice being #1*

*alphabetical or coincidence i argue.

Maiya said...

Thanks on behalf of Blind I!

K-Fresh said...

Thanks for the inclusion!

Anonymous said...
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Ambassador Of Reason said...

Good List Wane Enterprises is for real also

Hymn said...

Pardonmeduke thanks you for your recognition.