Monday, November 23, 2009

Dart Adams presents 100 More Producers You Need To Hear Right Now Roll Call

I just realized that I haven't updated the producers roll call list since I did the premier one this past June. I did 25 more in September an additional 25 in October then 25 more in November for 100 in total. Hopefully, in December I'll be able to do an additional list as well. To recap, I featured 50 producers in 2007, 50 more in 2008 and 100 so far in 2009 for a grand total for 200. When I switch over to Bloggerhouse and scale back my output I'll continue to do these so get used to it. Anyways, here's the roll call with all links included. Enjoy:

1. VohnBeatz

2. Astronote (Astro Black Music/A Side Worldwide)

3. Jansport J

4. Rob Viktum (Beat Fanatic)

5. Knxwledge (Klipmode International Sound Agency)

6. Dibiase AKA Mr. Dibia$e AKA Diabolic1

7. Illastrate AKA Hoody Allen (Black Noise)

8. Objektiv One

9. Slakah The Beatchild (Art Of Fresh/BBE Records)

10. Full Crate

11. Daru Jones (Rusic/AB & Daru/Daru & Rena)

12. Terror Danjah (Aftershock)

13. Kid Hum (Fossil Fuel Music)

14. Slimkat78 (The 1978ers)

15. FS Green

16. Georgia Anne Muldrow AKA Ms. One (ePistrophik Peach Sound/G&D/Pattie Bling & The Akebulan 5/Sa-Ra All Stars)

17. Moonsatellite

18. Illingsworth (Detroit CYDI)

19. J.Bizness (Illregular Instrumentals LLC)

20. Bilal Salaam

21. Thes One (People Under The Stairs/Tres Records)

22. Slopfunkdust (Beat Fanatic/Beat Society)

23. Cimer Amor (CAEN Project)

24. Swiff D (Pacific Division/Pac Div)

25. Frank Dukes

26. Apollo Brown (Beat Fanatic/24 Carat Brown Music)

27. Paul White (One Handed Music)

28. Dam Funk (Stones Throw)

29. IMAKEMADBEATS (Strangaz Productions/Blakout/The Transcontinental)

30. Paten Locke AKA DJ Therapy (The AB's/ The Smile Rays/Tres Records)

31. Aspect 1 (2000 Now Music/Project Blowed/Pusher Price)

32. Lex Boogie (Backwoodz Studios/New Clothez Productions)

33. Sabzi (Blue Scholars/Common Market)

34. Parallel Thought (Drum & Knowledge)

35. DJ Deckstream

36. Nasa (Uncommon Music/The Presence)

37. Brickbeats (Red Giants/Lessondary Crew)

38. M Will The Shogun (The Wave Club)

39. Snowman Jack (Jack Sample Pros/Exchange Bureau/All City Records)

40. Fatgums (Beatrock Music)

41. Kidkanevil (First Word Records)

42. Willie Evans Jr. (The AB's/Rawkus 50)

43. Vanderslice (Low Class Productions)

44. Rashid Hadee (Chapter 13/A&R)

45. Douglas Martin (Fresh Cherries From Yakima/5 O'Clock Shadowboxers)

46. The Kickdrums

47. Kankick AKA Kanzulu AKA The Funky Asthmatic

48. Entity Starr (SwAsHo Productions)

49. Roddy Rod (Maspyke/Low Budget Crew)

50. Ro Blvd

51. KenLo (Qwerty Musique)

52. fLako (Kwatro/Up My Alley)

53. Mr. Beatnick (Shhhhh!/Tru Thoughts)

54. Exile (Plug Research)

55. Floating Points (Eglo Records)

56. Erik L. (Detroit CYDI)

57. Fabio Musta (Babygrande Records)

58. Cadik (Membran Music)

59. Juuso (Burnt Berry Recordings/Jazzy Sport)

60. Annu (Chocolate Milk)

61. EQ (Desiac Music)

62. Devonwho (Klipmode International Sound Agency)

63. Michita (Libyus Music)

64. Benga (Tempa/Hyperdub)

65. Teebs (Brainfeeder/Poobah)

66. Newman (Giant Panda/New Jack Hustle/Tres Records)

67. 6Fingers (Groundbasics Media Group)

68. Grooveman Spot (Jazzy Sport)

69. Kode9 (Hyperdub)

70. Powell (Up My Alley)

71. Dorian Concept (Kindred Spirits/Ubiquity Records)

72, Eric G. (Justus League)

73. Rob Bates (Giant Killer Music/Insomniac Music Group)

74. Chief (Feelin' Music)

75. Jaisu (Beat Fanatic/Tartan Bullies)

76. DJ Houseshoes

77. Stevo

78. Tokimonsta (Brainfeeder)

79. Black Spade AKA Stoney Rock (Hawthorne Headhunters)

80. Kev Brown (Low Budget Crew)

81. Dert

82. Judah (Strange Music)

83. Elaquent AKA EQ

84. Mono/Poly (Brainfeeder/Fat City/One Handed Music)

85. Zilla Rocca (Clean Guns/5 O'Clock Shadowboxers/Beat Garden Entertainment)

86. S-Type (Tartan Bullies)

87. Mike Gao (Galapagos4/Night Prowl/All City)

88. Falside (Digsafe Records)

89. Brizzo

90. Haz Solo

91. Soil & 'Pimp" Sessions (Brownswood Recordings/Victor Entertainment)

92. MoSS (Moss Appeal Music)

93. Marv Won (Fat Killahz)

94. Stro The 89th Key (The Procussions)

95. JR & PH7 (Supercity Records)

96. Suzi Analogue (Dopeness Galore/Klipmode International)

97. Sapient (Sandpeople Music)

98. Vitamin D (Rhymesayers Entertainment)

99. Antman Wonder (Conscious Music)

100. Mabanua (Origami Productions)



khal said...

such a proper list. i fucks with a lot of these producers, and if you don't, you need your head examined.

Anonymous said...

What's up with Spain??


Dart Adams said...

@ Anonymous: Mweslee, Griffi & Quiroga are already getting features on Bloggerhouse in 2010. I'll check up on the rest. Thanks for the list.


Anonymous said...

Yo what about Australia

Mark Pritchard
Steve Spacek

Anonymous said...

and what about more holland stuff: Louis Bordeaux, Wan Kei You, Marcus Sebastian .... ?!?!?