Monday, November 16, 2009

Dart Adams presents 10 Projects You Probably Slept On In 2009

Here's a list of ten of the many projects, both free and currently available for purchase that you may or may not have slept on this past year. Let's get down to it:

1. AB & Daru "A Work In Progress"

This free project has dominated my overall iTunes plays so far this year. It even surpassed Drake's "So Far Gone" which I think I played every night before I went to sleep for about a month straight back in March. Once you hear it you'll understand exactly why. Download it here

2. Apollo Brown "Make Do"

I selected Apollo Brown as one of my "Producers You Need To Hear Right Now" this year after hearing his production on tracks then hearing his instrumental projects "Skilled Trade" & "Make Do". "Make Do" is now available on iTunes and you can't go wrong hearing 37 bangin' selections for that price. Look out for his collaboration with Boog Brown coming in 2010 called "UPS". What can Brown do for you?

3. Aspect One "Vibe Ready"

West Coast producer and renowned Project Blowedian Aspect One made one of the best instrumental projects of 2009 with his "Vibe Ready" release. You can now get yourself a copy for cheap from the good people @ Amazon. Don't sleep on this kid!

4. BK-One With Benzilla "Radio Do Canibal"

Go over to Fifth Element or Amazon to purchase Rhymesayers Entertainment's own (and Brother Ali's DJ) BK-One's brilliant album "Radio Do Canibal". Too many people are sleeping on this album that's easily one of the best that 2009 had to offer.

5. Brizzo & Cizzo (Brian Brizzo & 2ew Gunn Ciz) "The Designer Drug EP"

This free project showcases the production of Brain Brizzo (a recent selection to my "Producers You Need To Hear Right Now" list) as well as the vicious bars of underground emcee 2ew Gunn Cizz. To hear "The Designer Drug EP" merely download it here

6. D.Black "Ali'Yah"

D. Black's "Ali'Yah" was easily one of the most slept on Hip Hop albums that dropped in the past couple of months. Excellent lyricism plus excellent production makes for a can't miss project. Purchase it here. You won't regret it.

7. Daru & Rena "Producer's Luv EP"

Daru is back at it again but this time with his sister Rena. Daru & Rena gave out this free EP to promote their "Luv" collaboration from earlier on this year. Daru Jones' production combined with Rena's voice makes for yet another no brainer download. Get it here

8. Diz Gibran "Soon You'll Understand"

Diz Gibran's free album "Soon You'll Understand" was 19 tracks of pure heat. It's scary to think how many of the best or notable albums that dropped this year were free meanwhile major label projects continued to suck donkey phallus covered in molasses. In any event, you can preview and download this album from here

9. El Michels Affair "Enter The 37th Chamber"

El Michels Affair's instrumental interpretations of legendary Wu Tang tracks is one of my favorite projects of 2009. If you managed to sleep on it you can purchase it here. Trust me, this was one of the many slept on gems that was released in 2009. I'm still playing it.

10. Kan Kick "Beautiful: Opus Of Love Deeper Than Flesh Vols. 1 & 2"

I know I've written about this instrumental project in the past but anything I can do to shed light on this Kan Kick release you better believe I'll do it. This is a must have have fans of both good music as a whole and instrumental Hip Hop. You can find the Oxnard, CA representative's newest effort here.


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