Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dart Adams presents A Tale Of Ten Trailers 22 AKA 40 Days & 40 Nights

This will be the final "A Tale Of Ten Trailers" post on Poisonous Paragraphs as December is gonna be packed with content before this blog finally ends 40 days from now. I really don't need to do them anymore, honestly. I've posted up so many trailers over the past 4 to 6 months for films that are still in limited release or not even in theaters that I almost ran out of brand new trailers to post.

I'll mix in some new films with some trailers for films I'm really looking forward to in the future (just click on the posters themselves to view the trailers). I may post my Dartflix & A Tale Of Ten Trailers posts on Nerd With Swag in 2010 as I'm moving my other regular posts to Bloggerhouse. Either way, enjoy (or don't):


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ENIG MUE said...

iono about Denzel as an action star this late in his career and especially with Kuniz as a sidekick.

The Crazies looks dope, I like zombie flicks even though I am sure they will say they aren't zombies.

Daybreakers looks like an amalgam of other movies that were dope, so I may check that even though I thought I was done with Vamp flix (I groaned when they announced its a world of vampires).