Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dart Adams presents 12 To Watch (2009 Update)

Below is a list of twelve emcees that I thought would make some serious noise in the near future when I first picked them in February 2008. Let's check my pick percentage, shall we?. Let's go in:

Reps: Los Angeles, CA

He's since dropped "The Piece Talks" with Ta'Raach, "Johnson & Johnson" with Mainframe, dropped a couple of free albums as well as producing Sene's "A Day Late & A Dollar Short" project. His major label debut drops in 2010 as well. Good choice, all in all.

Jay Electronica
Reps: New Orleans, LA

This was a no brainer, really. Any Hip Hop head with common sense would've made the exact same choice. Wait, did XXL ever put Jay Electronica on any lists? Hmmm *Rubs chin* Either way, "Exhibit C" will finally hit iTunes next week. Good. I've rocked this same radio rip for far too long now.

Reps: Lawrence, MA

Termanology is all over the place. He dropped his debut "Politics As Usual", the Dilla tribute mixtape "If Heaven Was A Mile Away", "Hood Politics VI: Time Machine" and has his collabs with Lil' Fame (M.O.P) & Statik Selektah (as 1982) due in 2010. ST is the squad! *Throws threes*

Reps: Brooklyn, NY

Skyzoo's "The Salvation" was well worth the wait as it was easily one of the best Hip Hop projects released in 2009. Damn, I'm good!

Reps: Washington, D.C.

After dropping a gang of excellent mixtapes, his debut major label album "Attention: Deficit" was a disappointment in comparison. Next time, more Best Kept Secret, Judah, Hitaquittaz and Mark Ronson and less everybody else. Also, try to get away from Interscope if you can. *Flashes the Roc symbol*

Reps: Brooklyn, NY

Torae teamed up with Marco Polo this year to make an undisputed Top 20 of 2009 album "Double Barrel". Yet another great pick from yours truly *Pats self on back*.

Wiz Khalifa
Reps: Pittsburgh, PA

Wiz Khalifa started out promising but then he crossed over to the pop tart charts. Enjoy the glowsticks and body glitter, Wiz. Your album sucked donkey phallus. I should've picked Shawn Jackson instead of you. Curren$y isn't making that bullshit, is he? Then why are you?

Reps: Bronx, NY

Chaundon looks to follow up "Carnage" in 2010 and will be featured on several upcoming Justus League releases as well.

Reps: St. Louis, MO

In 2010, Vandalyzm will re-release his "Megatron Majorz" debut along with a brand new project. Don't sleep on this cat. Sleep is the cousin of Death.

Mickey Factz
Reps: Bronx, NY

Mickey's got a deal. Album drops in 2010. Truthfully: I'm proud of dude, personally.

Reps: Toronto, OT (Canada)

His mixtape "So Far Gone" ended up becoming the album of the year in a way. He started a bidding war between labels, got radio airplay, toured, was featured on everyone's shit and has even received Grammy nominations for songs he made on a damn mixtape. Also, I picked him 10 months ahead of XXL sleeping on him. "Thank Me Later" will drop in 2010. I called this one.

Reps: Atlanta, GA

We still have yet to see his debut album released although he has about 12 mixtapes out. Major labels suck dick. Word to RA The Rugged Man.

Well, that's 11 out of 12. A much better percentage then...well, every Hip Hop publication in existence. Fuck it, if you picked for a Freshmen list or something of that nature just PayPal me 1/10th of your paycheck and ask for my advice first. You owe me at least that much by now.


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