Monday, November 9, 2009

Dart Adams presents 25 More Producers You Need To Hear Right Now (November 2009 Edition) Part Two

Yeah, we back at it! © Beanie Sigel

Reps: West Covina, CA

I first remember Dert as a member of a crew called Tunnel Rats as well as the in house producer before he became famous for his ridiculous beat tapes & blends (The Seattle Situation, Fledgling, Sometimes I Rhyme Slow, In My Nature, The West Side Of The Moon, The Short List, Talk Strange & CMYK EP are all among the most popular). Back in 2006 he joined Antagonist Records and produced some eyebrown raising material for the Footsoldiers and KRS One's "Life" LP. Since then he's steadily released instrumental albums and beat tapes to keep himself at the forefront of beatheads minds and hearts the world over. Get familiar (no Clinton Sparks).

Judah (Strange Music)
Reps: Washington, DC

Judah's beat game is heavy and his full discography is ridiculous because dude is a seemingly tireless worker that cranks out hot jawn after hot jawn like it's nothing. Call him Mr. In Demand or call him Judah it all boils down to the same thing: Far too much heat for listeners to continue to sleep on. Make sure you fix that in 2010..

Elaquent AKA EQ
Reps: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Last time I did a 25 More Producers... feature I announced EQ was in it and later got a Twitter message from Elaquent stating he thought it was him at first. I sent him a message stating "Your time is coming". The time is now. After hearing "In Colour Vol. 1" (Dirty Loops), "In Colour Vol. 2" (Dirtier Loops), "In Colour Vol. 3" (Dirtiest Loops) and "After Midnight" you can't possibly think he doesn't belong on this list. Download this heat and I guarantee you won't be sleeping on Elaquent anymore.

Mono/Poly (Brainfeeder/Fat City/One Handed Music)
Reps: Bakersfield. CA

Who the fuck is Mono/Poly
? This producer/beatmaker who creates some crazy ass music you need to hear to believe. Check out his collaboration with Illum Sphere "Producer 2 Part 3" and the "George Machine EP" as well as his upcoming Fat City and One Handed Music. Mono/Poly also regularly DJ's at the Low End Theory Club so check him out there if you ever get a chance to. Here's your late pass.

Zilla Rocca (Clean Guns/5 O'Clock Shadowboxers/Beat Garden Entertainment)
Reps: Philadelphia, PA

Clean Guns "Sometimes There Is Trouble" & "Living In Harmony: The Mixtape" were just the beginning for Zilla Rocca's production credits. After "The Yadibox Mixtape", the acclaimed Nico The Beast LP "No Beast So Fierce" and the well received mixtape "Bring Me The Head Of Zilla Rocca" clinched it. Usually Zilla is noted for his rhyming, hustle, business acumen or his writing so much that people tend to take his production for granted. For that I apologize. Don't you all go and make the same mistake I did.

Next up: S-Type, Mike Gao, Falside, Brizzo & Haz Solo



Hza said...

EQ is craze. yyz stands up. That's my man right there. Best has yet to come.

Anonymous said...

Nice feature. I like Zilla. But where's NYC? What about 100dbs?