Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dart Adams presents 25 More Producers You Need To Hear Right Now (November 2009 Edition) Part Three

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S-Type (Tartan Bullies)
Reps: Glascow/Edinburgh, Scotland

The team of S-Type & Jaisu have been killing shit for years now but only a select few of us knew about it. It's scary to think that in those years that S-Type has only gotten better at his craft. If we extrapolate that over the next few years then S-Type & Jaisu will be all over the place. If you need some heat get at S-Type now before it'll be hard as hell to nail down a placement from him. Consider this your advance warning.


Mike Gao (Galapagos4/Night Prowl/All City)
Reps: Beijing, China/Los Angeles, CA

If you're familiar with the Galapagos4 label/consortium then you already know of Mike Gao. You would've heard his work with Mestizo, Offwhyte, Robust or Qwel. His production on Offwhyte's "Mainstay" made it one of that year's best projects. He also contributed a track to Luckyiam of Living Legends. Next up was Project Blowed's Swim Team project. You can check out the Mike Gao & Mestizo "Blindfaith" LP or the Qwel & Mike Gao "Caffeine Dream" project to hear his beats. Also look out for his upcoming slaps and his All City Records releases. You're only about 5 years behind so no worries.


Falside (Digsafe Records)
Reps: Providence, RI

Falside's "Bugs In Ya Teef" & "Five Finger Discount" are currently all over the bloggerverse. Last year, Falside's "Subway Standards" dropped via his MySpace page. I'd heard of dude doing his thing all over the New England area and he's lent his production to a wide array of artists. He has placements on projects by Reef The Lost Cauze, Pacewon & El Da Sensei, Amadeus The Stampede, Blak Madeen, Rite Hook, Dirty Hank and a gang of others. Look for future placements with C Rayz Walz, Jaysaun of Special Teamz and Vast Aire. Who says beat tapes don't get you noticed?


Reps: Philadelphia, PA

Here's the thing. I BEEN known about Brizzo. He makes heat rocks. All you need to do is hear Brizzo & Cizzo (2ew Gun Cizz)'s "The Designer Drug" EP for proof. If you want some serious break your goddamn neck fire you shouldn't hesitate to holler at Brain Brizzo. Che Grand did and he ended up making one of the best albums of 2009. He'll be in Philadelphia and in high demand. You're welcome.


Haz Solo
Reps: Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee. The only rappers people can recall from Milwaukee are usually Coo Coo Cal or A-G-2-A-KE. Emcees like Dylan Thomas, JC Poppe and Haz Solo are trying hella hard to change that. Between efforts like "All Jokes Aside", "Greater Than" and "June Bug" it gets increasingly harder to root against him. Might as well root for the underdog.



Next up: Soil & "Pimp" Sessions, MoSS, Marv Won, Stro The 89th Key & JR & PH7


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Kosyne said...

good work!! now you have both the Tartan Bullies up in your lists!.

big up my Scotland fam!.