Monday, March 5, 2007

The Illest Hobo Plus Live At The Future Primitive Soundsessions

Doo Wop, Tony Touch, G Bo The Pro & Double R, Ron G & DJ Clue weren’t the only DJ’s making famous underground mixtapes in 1995. Back in 1995, Mr. Dibbs of the crew 1200 Hobos made the classic turntable mixtape called “Turntable Scientifics”. The tape spread throughout the midwestern states, then into the east coast by 1996. The tape had two 30 minute sides, side A was called “Aneurysms” and side B was called “Hypothalamus”. After years of selling briskly through hip hop mailorder and online, it was finally made available for purchase on CD in 1998 through Mr. Dibbs indie label Four Ways To Rock.

Mr. Dibbs was a staple of the Midwestern hip hop scene as well as a major draw at the early Scribble Jams (I have old ass back issues of Scribble Magazine with the mailorder catalogs to prove it).He’d later release projects by Sebutones, Moka Only and several other Midwest hip hop legends. He’s currently working with Rhymesayers Entertainment and recording material with El-P AKA Mr. I’m Not Only The President Of Def Jux, I’m Also An Artist. Download “Turntable Scientifics” to experience on of the greatest and seminal projects made by a legendary turntablists.

In the late 90’s in San Francisco, Dave Herlihy thought it’d be a good idea to throw a bi monthly event at different venues that not only catered to the hip hop crowd, but included all of the elements of hip hop culture. The events often married hip hop being spun on 5 turntables by two different DJ’s with emcees, spoken word artists, graf writers, visual artists and B Boys/B Girls. Future Primitive had a regular DJ named DJ Anna, but they often brought in the best and brightest DJ’s to perform at their shows.

In 1998, two CD’s were produced by Future Primitive, the first one being Cut Chemist of Jurassic 5 and Ozomatli and Shorkut of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz collaborating live on 5 turntables and the second being Z Trip and Radar from the crew Bombshelter DJ’s playing 20 years of hip hop records live on 5 turntables (it was 1998 at the time it was done). Both of these CD’s are great because they are both moments in hip hop history forever perserved in amber that can be revisited again and again.

The whole resurgence of interest in DJ/beat culture and underground hip hop that started out roughly 10 years ago in the post Telecommunications Act Era helped provide a much needed balance to the shiny suit wearing Bad Boys, fake thugs, dons and mafiosos with multiple AKA’s (didn’t Rae and Ghost tell y’all muthafuckas what NOT to do on “Shark Niggas (Biters)” on the purple tape? I swore I heard it!) that all popped out of the woodwork at the time...but it could’ve been worse I guess. They all still could’ve been rhyming like Das Efx, Fu-Schnickens and Treach. The whole turntable project run of Poisonous Paragraphs has now officially come to an end with these uploads. Next up, instrumental albums.

All uploaded albums are Zip files. For cover art, full tracklistings and more info, check or do a regular Google search. Here are the links, enjoy ‘em:

Mr. Dibbs-Turntable Scientifics (1995/1998)

Live At The Future Primitive Soundsessions Vol. 1-Cut Chemist Meets Shortkut (1998)

Live At The Future Primitive Soundsessions Vol. 2-Bombshelter DJ’s Z-Trip & Radar (1998)



Andyman187 said...

Mr Dibbs is dope. If u haven't peepes them yet u need to get a hold of the 1200 Hobos - Evolution & Tapes Skills & Techniques mixtapes.

alley al said...

andymqan187 i need that 1200 hobos mixtape

and dart i always wondered if there was any other future primitive episodes besides these 2 that leaked? i always liked the ztrip/radar one better. shit that you can party to. mixtape style.

Strong Arm Mike said...

Shortkut is nuts. Thanks for uploading this stuff and please upload more turntablism, esp any ISP and Beatjunkies, if you got it.