Wednesday, March 7, 2007

No Words Part Two

The legendary production team of Organized Noise (Rico Wade, Ray Murray and Pat “Sleepy” Brown) helped create the signature sound of SWAT (South West Atlanta) as well as introduce the world to the Dungeon Family, one of the most talented and diverse crews in the history of hip hop. This album is but one of the legendary soundscapes crafted by these men and it became the album that let the world know that OutKast was here to stay and their classic debut was far from a fluke. Listening to the “ATLiens” instrumentals reminds you that while hip hop is largely created from other kinds of music, it is a music form all it’s own that requires talent and creativity to make. Enjoy another classic by the DF fam:

ATLiens Instrumentals (1996)

This producer needs no introduction. His albums sell millions. He is revered by both the underground and mainstream. Other producers worship at his altar and his music has crossed over but he hasn’t lost his street audience or credibility after almost 25 years in the game. I’m speaking of the legendary Dr. Dre and the instrumental album I’ve uploaded by the perfectionist producer is his last one, “2001”. Here it is:

2001 Instrumentals (2001)

This particular project has been referred to as one of the best produced hip hop albums of all times. This is astonishing considerin g that this album didn’t sell particularly well and the group that made it wasn’t very well regarded lyrically or creatively. The album I’m speaking of is DJ Premier’s masterpiece that he created for Group Home “Livin’ Proof” . This tape got regular burn back in the days and every beathead I knew used to rock this joint like crazy. Once the vinyl instrumental LP was first released years ago I copped it for $7 with my Tower Records employee discount. This is a vinyl rip of the instrumental album, enjoy:

Livin’ Proof Instrumentals (1996)



Josh said...

The ATLiens link did not work. Other than that PROPS.

Strong Arm Mike said...

Thanks for posting the livin proof instrumentals, you're awesome. I love these premier beats.

Max said...

The Livin Proof album features the best Primo instrumentals ever, in my opinion. Great site, by the way, wanna trade links? Check out when you get a chance. Thanks

Dart Adams said...

@WTBC I fixed the ATLiens link. What up, Max? One.

alley al said...

i was wondering if that dr. dre is an official album release, or if you had a bunch of 12" that you put together. thanks.

Dart Adams said...

@ Al: Yeah, it's was a promo/free CD-R I got when I bought $50 worth of stuff from some website.