Sunday, March 18, 2007

32 Producers on MySpace That You Need To Hear Part One

My purpose for doing this feature is to shine light on a bunch of the illest producers that I've encountered on MySpace that I feel are severly underexposed given their talent level/music quality. I have added in some heads that I know from the Boston/MA/New England area as well as beatmakers, musicians and producers from all over the globe in different genres of Hip Hop/Soul music. I personally feel that balance and variety are integral to the growth of Hip Hop so my taste are all over the place in regards to beats. Here are the first 8 of what will be 32 of the illest producers on MySpace that you NEED to hear. It starts like this, son:

1. Medi-Cal (Undersea Fam)

I first stumbled on this cats MySpace page a year ago and I heard some ill joints that were freaked and chopped up so crazy that I had to download them all and put ‘em on my iPod Nano right then and there...I did it so fast that I damn near forgot to add him as a MySpace friend. Over the past year my boy Medi-Cal from El Centro, CA (who reps the Undersea Fam) has made numerous bangers and remixes that fucked my head up. If I ever come out of retirement I have one of his beats earmarked to spit on, believe that. Check the method:

2. J. Cardim (Respect And Power)

This Respect And Power representative has already made bangers for AZ, Talib Kweli and Jean Grae and appeared in the pages of Scratch magazine. Before the year is over he’ll have made more heat for some of your favorite emcees and contributed to building a new empire with his team. He has one of the beat looking and professional MySpace pages I’ve seen in a while, too (If you want your MySpace page to be made fresher than it was, contact Respect And Power’s G Nellz for a quote). Listen to some of J. Cardim’s tracks and get your head nod on:

3. Session (Ghetto Radio Productions/Acuta Records)

One of Boston’s best kept secrets is a man named Session. This versatile producer has made joints for several emcees and crews in the Boston/New England area, in particular the talented roster of Boston’s Acuta Records and is well respected by his peers on the scene. The only thing keeping him from blowing up is exposure...if there’s anything I can do so that more people become aware of his slaps, he can consider it done. Check for his joints here:

4. Danny Swain (Def Jux)

Danny Swain is the next one coming out of the Carolinas. I first heard some random joints of his starting back a couple of years ago and they were so off the wall I couldn’t believe this dude wasn’t signed. I did some checking around and found out he had 3 full length joints out, “The College Kicked Out”, “F.O.O.D.” and his breakthrough underground classic (yeah, I said the C word!) “Charm”. I found out that he had a MySpace page and that all of his joints were available for sale. Every person I played this cats joints for were disgusted that he was without a deal. Back when I was new to Okayplayer, I used to post these lists of “10 Artists You Need To Hear Right Now On MySpace” and he was on a few of those lists. Here’s the funny part. There was a dude on OKP named Danny...I didn’t realize until weeks later that this cat was in fact, Danny Swain. Recently, Danny won a contest sponsored by MTVU and now has a contract with Def Jux (thanks to Boston rhyme renegade, Mr. Lif). Now the sleepers can all awaken. Go see why I’ve been biggin’ this cat up for years:

5. Da Goldminerz (Gold Bones Music)

Who are the Goldminerz? An ill crew of beatmakers and emcees with a cult following from all over the place that are now reppin’ the Tampa Bay, FL area lovely. These cats are so deep with ridiculous tracks and flows that I could’ve posted way more links to their crew and affiliates (just to understand how ill these muthafuckas are check out Eyeznpowa’s page where he tears apart some of Dilla’s joints from “Donuts”). Their music is hardcore, grimy and soulful all at the same time...some of these cats joints make me wanna jump up and knee somebody in the chest like Tony Jaa for real. Check ‘em out:

6. Young Cee

I first ran into Young Cee on in a Justus League discussion thread. He mentioned that he was still a teenager and an up and coming producer...that was two years ago. Since then he’s won the Boston Beat Battle against a deep field (check the footage on Spotlight DVD’s YouTube channel) and made beats for Justus League crew members Little Brother, Kenn Starr and Skyzoo. Next up he has joints featured on Duck Down’s newest signees, Boston supergroup Special Teamz upcoming project as well as collaborations with new Rawkus signee Barak Yulad. Young Cee is poised to do big things in the industry. Get in on the ground floor:

7. 76

Years ago I heard some ill underground tracks from Black Samurai in the UK and the beats were all bananas. The more and more tracks I was able to get (thanks to my London peoples on Dissenus, and Okayplayer) I began to wonder who the hell was producing these joints. I found out that the man behind the boards of the overwhelming majority of these raw tracks was some cat named 76. He's been grinding overseas in the UK and European hip hop scenes for years and has amassed a great amount of respect for his producing talents. The unfortunate thing is not too many heads stateside are familiar with his work, I’m gonna try and change that right now:

8. StU Bangas

First off, let me say that this cat is aptly named. Back when I still used to rhyme I’d hear one of his finished tracks with NBS (Natural Born Spitters) or South End’s own Loose Notes and it would get me amped up to make a joint right then and there. His bangers have provided backgrounds for several of Boston/MA/New England’s elite crews including Greater Good and Awkward Landing. StU has also blessed Ras Kass, Devin the Dude, Reef The Lost Cauze and local legend Krumbsnatcha with his own personal brand of beast music and he’s set to make some big moves in 2007. If you haven’t heard of dude before, you can now consider yourselves formerly warned. Check his joint out here:

Tomorrow, I’ll post up the next 8 illest MySpace producers from all over the globe with their individual write ups. Stay tuned.



Damian said...

alley al said...

1 i liked only the oh no rmx on medical's page.

2 this j cardin is very radio ready sounding. good for him.
yup. and his page is dope as hell.
the ADD link don't work for me tho. he's screwing around with flash too much.

on a related note, you heard of q-york? knowa lazarus? these filipino cats that moved from queens to cali cuz the asian population is thick out there.
they're pretty independently dope.
but their design guy defcase is the shit.
he did funk flex's shit. 50's. and a gang f others.

defcase has another page or 2 cuz his profile/page got jacked a while back.
i think he was also on mtv's YO MAMA but he got booted right quick.

3 ghetto radio productions is more my shit. jhea i can get with that.

4 whoa this mcdanny guy is dope too

ok lemme go for now. late for the movies..

alley al said...

wow. these kids got some heat!!
they're already "almost famous" status.
almost at that tipping point.

one of the myspace links didn't work @ 5 i think.

speaking of tony jaa, i'm sure you peeped district b13!!?!
peep this oldie

thisistomorrow said...

check out
and tell me what you think about the tracks...