Friday, March 9, 2007

No Words Part Three

Mos Def’s 1999 album “Black On Both Sides” was hailed as a classic when it was released on Rawkus Records. The production on this album was especially top rate with beats being provided by the likes of The Beatnuts, Diamond, Ayatollah, Hi Tek, 88 Keys and DJ Premier . This collection of instrumentals from all star producers coupled with some excellent vocal performances from Mos Def and friends made for a great album that people still lord over Mos’ head as a benchmark that in their collective minds he hasn’t reached since...but you can never go back, only forward. With that said, here’s the instrumental album of “Black On Both Sides”:

Black On Both Sides Instrumentals (1999)

Talib Kweli and Hi Tek made another album on Rawkus that regarded as a classic, 2000’s “Train Of Thought” LP. The production was handled solely by the now legendary Cincinnatti beatsmith and he finally go the opportunity to craft an entire project instead of doing spot work. Unforunately, life has taken them different directions and they can’t work together as much as they’d like to but whenever they get together they make great material. I offer for your listening pleasure, Reflection Eternal’s “Train Of Thought” instrumentals:

Train Of Thought Instrumentals (2000)

This last collection of instrumentals comes from producer 9th Wonder (formerly of Little Brother). He was most well known for producing “Threat” on Jay-Z’s “Black Album”. He also made the Nas “God’s Son” remix album entitled “God’s Stepson” which was only available for purchase online at These are the instrumentals of said remix album, a lot of people never even heard it....fewer have the instrumentals. Here they are:

God’s Stepson Instrumentals (2003)



Max said...

Great post; these instrumentals deserve to be heard.
Great reading too, as always.

alley al said...

yup yup (said in a teddy riley/guy style)

dart, i just read the pp description up at the header.. exmc? ever release anything? hook it up. reasons for being an ex?

Dart Adams said...

The main reason for being an ex emcee was that it turned 2001 and I still wasn't on yet...I'll fully disclose what happened in June with a post with my old demos/material from the 2nd Golden Era and the indie hip hop boom. One.