Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No Words Part Five

The first offering of the day is Cypress Hill’s first album’s instrumentals. Produced by DJ Muggs for Soul Assassins Music, this album introduced the world to the sound of blunted/zooted soul and properly prepared them for the likes of RZA and the Wu Elements who didn’t appear on the scene until two years later. DJ Muggs and his people (Ralph M , DJ Lethal, T Ray, Alchemist, etc.) would later go on to contribute classics on albums like House Of Pain’s debut, Funkdoobiest’s “Which Doobie U B?” and several more projects. It all started with this breakout classic. The lead single made little noise (“Phuncky Feel One”), but the album went on to have several more after “How Could I Just Kill A Man” broke on the radio, MTV and BET ( “Hand On The Pump”, “Latin Lingo” and “Real Estate”)...who would’ve thunk it? Here are the instrumentals:

Cypress Hill Instrumentals (1991)

When I bought Vordul Mega’s “The Revolution Of Yung Havoks” from Sandbox, they sent it with a Nature Sounds sticker, A Vordul Mega poster and a grey CD-R that said simply “Vordul Mega Instrumentals”. Of the 13 tracks on Vordul’s LP, only 9 of the instrumentals are actually on here along with 4 other joints. The instrumentals contained on this CD were made mostly by Belief and the rest were by Soul Purpose and Dev 1 AKA The Prof (founder of Nature Sounds). Check it out:

The Revolution Of Yung Havoks Instrumentals (2004)

These last two offerings are from DJ Lt. Dan and they contain Kanye West instrumentals. The second joint is a split instrumental CD shared with Chops (formerly of the Mountain Brothers) in commemoration of Chops’ “Virtuosity” LP and his collaboration with Kanye West called “Changing Lanes”. These instrumental collections were offered on several websites for $5 each or 2 for $8. I copped them both, of course. Here they are:

Kanye West Instrumentals (Mixed by DJ Lt. Dan) (2004)

Kanye West/Chops Instrumentals- Changing Lanes (Miixed by DJ Lt. Dan) (2004)

This post officially concludes the No Words instrumental CD/LP series on Poisonous Paragraphs (due to problems with MediaFire last night, I had to use Megaupload and Rapidshare instead). For any of your future instrumental needs please visit and tell ‘em I sent you. Tomorrow, it’s back to the old posting my entire collection for you to download while I rant about Hip Hop culture and write long ass treatises about film.



Travis said...

good stuff Dart my man

alley al said...

you think a dude like chops will ever get his due?