Wednesday, March 21, 2007

32 Producers on MySpace That You Need To Hear Part Four

We’ve now made it to the end of the list, the final 8 producers that I’ve picked to be among the 32 I’m highlighting. I’d like to thank the heads at Oh Word (Rafi, Sasha, etc.) for putting this in their shared links and all of the readers that frequent this blog. Without further ado, the final 8:

25. Golden Beat Era

He’s from Salisbury, MD and his MySpace picture shows him holding an MPC, his weapon of choice. Judging by the beats on his page, he knows how to weild it. I found this cat by chance through a comment he made on one of my favorite producers pages (either Ayatollah or Black Milk). I clicked the link, heard his slaps and his name was on the potentials list 10 minutes later. Judging by the comments on his page I’m not the only one who likes his joints, check them out here:

26. Big Willie Green

The first time I heard one of Willie’s compositions was a track he collaborated on with my extended family members, Dead Poetz. I heard that joint and I was like “Dayum!” There were multiple layers to the beat and different elements blended together that let you know this cat can produce damn near anything. Hailing from Allston, MA Willie Green has worked with everything from R& B /Soul singers to hardcore Hip Hop groups. Regardless of who he works with the end result is undeniable...It’s that hot shit (not the corporate “hot”, I mean the REAL “hot”). His projects have titles like “The Proof” and “Exhibit A”, the truth is that Big Willie Green doesn’t need to argue that hard to convince the listener that he’s the truth. Case closed. Check out the well rounded sound of Willie Green here:

27. Cadence (Raw Produce)

Veteran producer Cadence reps Somerville, MA all day. He is an accomplished producer with som impressive credits, he’s released solo projects on Day By Day Records (MF Grimm’s label), and Female Fun Music. He’s made some acclaimed LP’s with his crew Raw Produce, produced music for ESPN’s eries “The Life” and crafted gems for local legends 7L & Esoteric, Akrobatik and Mr. Lif. He’s also collaborated with underground legends like Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Breez Evahflowin’ (Stronghold) and Yeshua DaPoED AKA Yesh (Wee Bee Foolish). Even with all of this success, he hasn’t received the recognition or due he rightfully deserves. Maybe one day it’ll happen. Take the first step to ensure it does, walk this way:

28. BinGrim Productions

I discovered this resident of City Of Angels completely by mistake. I clicked on the link to his MySpace page and I saw two music players (ayo,’d you swing that?) with four joints a piece. I clicked on each one and listened to everything from off the wall musical compositions, intro music, proper songs with people spitting over them and even some experimentation through sampling movies and TV shows (like Transformers and kung fu movie dialogue). In an age with radio friendly/club beats on every MySpace page and four joints just waiting for your purchase it was cool to see someone just make a page for beatheads. Judging by his top 24, we probably feel the same about the current direction the hip hop industry is taking...Anyone with Marley Marl, DJ Mark The 45 King and Hitman Howie Tee in their Top 8 is alright with me. Check his page out:

29. Intristic Beats

This lady is reppin’ Chicago, Illinois lovely . There is absolutely no way a sane person can front on her skills after the dope beats on her MySpace page (with her tag on them so no one can jack them) Two joints in particular, “My Love” and “Lucy” got a couple of rewinds over the weekend (I told myself I wasn’t gonna name joints because it bulids up the readers expectations and it unfairly overshadows the other beats on the page...fuck it, they’re ill!). I haven’t heard of a prominent female hip hop producer since Nikke Nicole used to bang tracks out the old D&D Studios (best known for her hit “Old Times Sake” by Sweet Sable back in the days). I’ll most def be rooting for her to do big things in the near future. Discover a woman’s true worth to Hip Hop culture here:

30. Neil Nots (Wreck Shop Movement/Crate Invaders)

Veteran hip hop DJ/Producer Neil Nots is a member of DJ outfit Crate Invaders and a member of the Wreck Shop Movement. Neil was once mentored by one of Hip Hop’s true beatmaking legends, Sam Sever (3rd Bass, Downtown Science) and he has more than 15 years experience making bangers and list of credits that would give me carpal tunnel syndrom if I dared to type ‘em all out. I don’t need to sell you on how ill he is behind the can listen to his beats yourself and it will be far more convincing than anything I could write (and I write for a living). Listen here:

31. Clutch Player

The man who goes by the name Clutch Player lives in Paris, France and he’s one of the illest up and coming procers on the underground scene. His 2006 mixtape “Atlantic Connection All Stars” is what first opened some eyes to heads in the States that slept on his previous work. He’s built up quite a buzz after making heat rocks with features from Insight, Tableek (MasPyke), Shabaam Sahdeeq, Prince Po and Doujah Raze. His upcoming project “Atlantic Connections” is sure to launch him into rareified air with other sought after underground Hip Hop producers. His infectous mix of Soul music and Jazz influences makes his sound stand out in a sea of copycat beatmakers. Cross the Atlantic here:

32. Hellsenda Productions (Hellfire Club Inc.)

Hellsenda Productions are from Boston, MA and they’re the in-house production team for Hellfire Club Inc. They consist of two producers, Buctayla and Cardi. They make everything from R&B/Soul to hardcore Hip Hop (they specialize in the latter). Being that I am CEO of Hellfire Club Inc. I may be biased in my opinion (I, however, have enough integrity not to say somethings dope when it isn’t...that would completely kill any credibilty I have as a writer/journalist). While I have my biases, I’m supposed to be objective...They got serious heat. I have some of their instrumentals on my page instead of my own music so I’m clearly co-signing their material. Check it out for yourselves:

There were A LOT more producers I wanted to include on this list, but for whatever reason they didn’t pay much attention to their MySpace pages or they never visit them or update them. Some cats only had one or two tracks on them or had them so corporate looking and sterile that you thought you were in a damn beat listening session and a voice saying “Buy now or leave!” was gonna shout over the tracks every 30 seconds. Producers, put some of your most up to date or hottest joints on your MySpace pages. If you have a wide array of heat or mad versatility then you should make another page and put four more joints on it.

Either way, the age of the (unsolicited) demo is dead and your MySpace pages/Soundclick pages are your best foot forward for undiscovered producers to gain notoriety and for known ones to reach newer fans. Thanks for tolerating me for the last four days...Tomorrow it’s back to the Dartflix and on Friday I go back to the uploads from my own personal collection and writeups.



Travis said...

awesome idea dart. I always knew there was some gems in all the garbage, but never been patient enough to track it down.

alley al said...

yeah props on all the effort and hard work.

Aaron G. said...

some ideas

Dart Adams said...

My damn laptop died on me (short in the power supply AND a dead battery)right when I posted this up so I'm gonna have to either buy a new battery and order a new power supply/adapter (Applecare ran out)altogether. However, in 3-6 months, I'm gonna need another laptop anyways. Hopefully I can resolve these issues soon...otherwise I won't be blogging for a while. One.

Boomer said...

Awesome job, Dart. I can't wait to check all this stuff out. I actually was recently told to pick-up Arts the Beatdoctor CD, and I loved it. It's a shame an artist that is that talented has only 6,500 hits on his myspace you said that may be one of the best '07 underground releases to date, people are just sleepin.

Keep up, fam!


Dart Adams thanks for the push man...i do this "for the love"-slum village