Monday, March 19, 2007

32 Producers on MySpace That You Need To Hear Part Two

I continue with my list of 32 producers that you need to hear. I looked at many different styles and genres of Hip Hop music as well as above and below ground for these collected beatmakers and producers. I also went global in my search for 32 deserving of shine and praise. I present to you all the second installment of a four part series:

9. High Priest (Grandmassive) (World Wide Incident Productions)

Although he has thousands of MySpace friends, but not that many folks are familiar with his name or his work. High Priest AKA Grandmassive has a wide catalog of bangin’ joints on Myspace going back to 2005. His gritty, hardcore beatmaking style brings up back to 1997 but with a 21th century sophistication. Reppin’ World Wide Incident and 7th Son Productions, High Priest’s sound makes for some energetic, off the wall joints. Check out dudes bangers under his alias, Grandmassive as well:

10. Fantastic Mr. Fox (Origami Sounds)

The one known as the Fantastic Mr. Fox reps Origami Sounds out of Wolverhampton, UK. He learned how to produce under the watchful eye of his brother, whose the man behind the boards for Peter and The Wolf and Paper Tiger (links available on Fox’s MySpace). In a relatively short amount of time he’s made quite a few moves lately (including getting his joints some spins on the radio and doing local production work). I’ve been checking out his progression for a while now and this kid is a straight up monster behind the boards. Recognize and realize:

11. Sound Scientists

I have been enjoying the musical renditions of the Sound Scientists for quite a while and I couldn’t believe more people weren’t aware of these cats. I included them in some of my early “10 Artists/Songs That You Need To Hear On MySpace Right Now” threads to open some eyes more than a year ago..Shortly afterwards I was watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network when I heard a familiar beat I couldn’t turned out to be none other than the Sound Scientists’ joints playing during the breaks! After receiving some much deserved shine through Adult Swim they’ve gone on to make several tracks for some Wu Affiliates like 12’ O Clock, Chi Kung of the Tha Cra Z 88, and Killah Priest and well as underground artist King Syze and most recently they’ve crafted some joints for the San Antonio Spurs PG/MC Tony Parker. The world needs to hear these cats. If you don’t know, now you know:

12. Paul Mac Innes

Repping Gothenburg, Sweden and his crew the Brothers Of Invention, Paul Mac Innes does not fill the profile of what the average person would consider a hip hop producer to be. To them I say “Get your head out of your ass and listen to the music rather than making assumptions”. His mixture of live instrumentation and arranging skills makes for some ill joints. His collaborations with other musicians have been critically acclaimed and loved by fans overseas for a while now. Not too many heads in the US are really up on him or his work as of yet...Hopefully, now maybe a few more people will recognize his talent and spread the word. Listen here and judge for yourselves:

13. Paycheck Stubbz (Fresh Produce/Gutterscum Fam)

My boy Stubbz is a veteran of the armed forces as well as a hip hop head. He once told me that he got injured in the field and his life started flashing before his eyes...oddly enough it was full of old school hip hop tracks and seminal rap songs and the part they all played in his life coming up. Now, that’s a real hip hop fanatic for you in my opinion. He’s blessed joints for his own crew, Gutterscum Fam and Maine’s own mic wreckers Syndicate (what up, La Familia!) but due to Stubbz being based in Oklahoma City, OK he hasn’t had the shine he rightfully deserves up until now. I’ve personally seen him post up banger after banger on his page just to have the world at large sleep on his beatmaking skills. Check his newly uploaded joints out here:

14. A.C. Layne (TE1 Productions)

It’s another one! A.C. Layne from the Brent section of London makes liquid fire under the production company titled TE1 (The Esoterik 1) Productions. His beats make you make that scrunched up “something stinks” face...then your head gets to bobbin’ (cuz the neck knows). I’ve been checking out his beatmaking skills for a long ass time now and he’s never once failed to impress me. It’s time for more people to become aware of what I’ve known for a minute...Check his jams out:

15. Cyrus Tha Great

Most hip hop heads living in the Boston/MA/New England area could rattle off a list of the illest producers from here without even thinking about it. This mans name comes up early on most of those lists. His star turn came in 2004 when he dropped the hood classic “50 MC’s” mixtape on an unsuspecting public...ever since then his name has been magma hot in the streets. In the past, Cyrus has crafted bangers for Little Brother, Royce the 5’9”, Grafh, Jean Grae, Scram Jones, Ali Vegas, and produced gem after gem for his former group Personal F.O.U.L. In 2007, he looks to take the world by storm with a new team and new tracks. Get stuck on the realness:

16. Hasan Insane

This New York beatmaker is most well known for his sick ass remixes and blends. Along with his partner in crime, DJ Mills, he’s made the critically acclaimed hood smash mixtapes “Perfect Strangers” and “The Pink Album”. He’s received love from and has been featured in Scratch Magazine in the past as well as making some of the dopest remixes and refixes on MySpace. His mixtapes have spent a hella long time in my iPod Nano and it’s time for even more heads to hear his joints. The boy’s sick and here’s the proof:

Tomorrow, I’ll post up the next 8 with their write ups. Stay tuned.


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Trioptic said...

much love for the review, we have been so busy working on other artists projects, that many of ours have been put on hold lately.

in fact, the Sound Scientists is evolving from a small group of producers and engineers, into an animated series, probably a little too extreme for Adult Swim, but that's not to say we won't pitch it when the pilot is done...

other than that, the first actual silkscreened albums will be made sometime this year, hopefully in the next month or two.

Keep on blogging, and keep your ears and mind open

- trioptic / Sound Scientist