Tuesday, March 20, 2007

32 Producers on MySpace That You Need To Hear Part Three

Let me first start by saying that compiling this list was not an easy task in the least. I spent more than a week poring through the internet and looking at/listening to music on various artists and producers MySpace pages. I managed to find the proverbial needle in a haystack a couple of times and some of these talented cats were referred to me by some of my peoples on MySpace, Blogger, or found through various music messageboards. Right now we’re at the halfway mark with 16 down and 16 to go. Now let’s delve back into my list of hand picked producers and their MySpace pages that I originally narrowed down from a list of over 200 to the 32 I’m writing about on Poisonous Paragraphs. Let’s go:

17. Zam 1

Ever heard of Zam 1 before you just read his name here? This master tattoo artist/beatmaker has somehow managed to fly under the radar and go unnoticed for this long. Did he think that he could post up heat like he got on his MySpace music pageand I wasn’t gonna find him and write about his fire joints on my blog?....it’s a wrap for his anonymity now! Nah, seriously, this cat has mad skills with the ink and needles as well as behind the boards (check the pics to see his sick studio setup)...somebody needs to holler at him and see if they can get his sound on some of their projects right this moment. Listen here:


18. Mr. Koichi

Mr. Koichi originally hails from Tokyo, Japan but now lives in New York. He’s a veritable human swiss amy knife... He’s a musician, arranger, beatmaker and engineer all in one. He also brings his deep, soulful production to the table as a part of the hip hop band Plan B. His style is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the toxic fumes we usually inhale when we listen to the radio or watch any Viacom video station that isn’t called VH1 Soul. I’ve been diggin’ his joints for more than a year now and it’s only right I put out the word about his beats. Peep game:


19. Arts The Beatdoctor

Arts is a resident of Hilversum, Netherlands and his sound and production style is smooth, jazzy, soulful and easy listening all at the same time. He’s known mostly for his collaborations with underground heroes Pete Philly & Perquisite, including his remix project of their acclaimed 2005 album. He recently released his first solo project called “Transitions”. I’ve heard people talk about how uneventful 2007 has been as far as hip hop releases go and I have no idea in hell what they are talking about. Arts The Beatdoctor’s new album should be included in the long list of excellent underground releases from the 1st quarter of 2007. Go to his page and check his joints out now.


20. LB (Imperfekt Musik)

When I first began making this list I already knew LB was gonna be on it, no doubt in my mind. I first encountered his joints from the forums on BostonRap.com and RepDaBean.com and was instantly impressed with what I heard. This Manchester, NH native beatmaker has the versatilty to take it to the club on one track and take it to the streets on another without sounding contrived and generic. His debut project “Good Morning America” just dropped recently and he’s already made gems for some of New England’s finest and Brooklyn rhyme legend AZ. Who’s next to spit bars on one of his joints? Lend him an ear:


21. Cris Prolific (Kemit Sources)

What some of the top French emcees have already known for years is something that I have only learned just learned recently...Cris Prolific’s got that hot shit. Ask Arsenik, Rocca or Lunatic. Ask RZA how ill the remix he freaked with him and I-Cube was. Ask undeground sensation Ta’ Raach (check out “The Fevers”) about Cris Prolific’s joints because he recognizes his talent as well (their collabo is on Cris’ MySpace page). I was first put on to this cat by members of my extensive OKP fam. Not only does he make straight up hip hop/soul beats, but he collaborates with musicians regularly to make completely original compositions (check the links on the page). The beauty of living in the digital information age is that the world is made smaller so we can find, see and hear things that we normally wouldn’t be exposed to (such as Cris Prolific’s new fire mixtape). Experience what manifests directly from one’s soul:


22. Noel Zancanella

Noel Zancanella is already known in Trip Hop/Electronica circles and he’s released several projects over the last 5 years. It wasn’t until 2006 when Noel collaborated with original member of Slum Village Baatin on two songs called “Embryo” and “Could It Be?” that more people outside of that circle began recognizing his production talents. Ever since then he’s made several nice joints and had them posted on his page. Noel and his different approach to beatmaking and production could be one of the things current Hip Hop music needs more of. Look forward to hearing him do some more collaborations with prominent hip hop artists in the near future. Check his page out here:


23. Devious (Broken Family)

I was first introduced to Devious’ beats when listening to the 1st album from Wu affiliates Contribution X (Check it out if you haven’t already). Several of the tracks had that grimy, hardcore boom bap sound that made me scramble for the liner notes immediately. Standout track after standout track had this man’s name next to it in the producer credits. He continues to make that raw fight music with his crew Broken Family and he has several new tracks about to be released in 2007, including a Broken Family project. Get familiar with his material here:


24. Afra Behn

Detroit native Afra Behn’s production style is a collage of Soul, Funk and Rhythm & Blues and the end result is Hip Hop music that truly illustrates the true beauty that lies in the diaspora that is Black music. Afra’s unique sound can go from Afro beat inspired and jazzy to deep, bass heavy and driving all in the same track. His projects “World Of Paper/City Of Boom” (featuring collaborations with Detroit’s own Baatin) and “The Vibemachine” are all evident of his creativity and willingness to stretch the boundaries of conventional hip hop music. Get acquainted with the future here:


Tomorrow, I’ll post up the final 8 with their write ups. Stay tuned.


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