Saturday, March 24, 2007

32 Producers on MySpace That You Need To Hear Roll Call (All Links)

This is how we run it down the line!:

1. Medi-Cal (Undersea Fam)

2. J. Cardim (Respect And Power)

3. Session (Ghetto Radio Productions/Acuta Records)

4. Danny Swain (Def Jux)

5. Da Goldminerz

6. Young Cee

7. 76

8. StU Bangas

9. High Priest (Grandmassive) (World Wide Incident Productions)

10. Fantastic Mr. Fox (Origami Sounds)

11. Sound Scientists

12. Paul Mac Innes

13. Paycheck Stubbz (Fresh Produce/Gutterscum Fam)

14. A.C. Layne (TE1 Productions)

15. Cyrus Tha Great

16. Hasan Insane

17. Zam 1

18. Mr. Koichi (Plan B)

19. Arts The Beatdoctor

20. LB (Imperfekt Musik)

21. Cris Prolific (Kemit Sources)

22. Noel Zancanella

23. Devious (Broken Family)

24. Afra Behn

25. Golden Beat Era

26. Big Willie Green

27. Cadence (Raw Produce)

28. BinGrim Productions

29. Intrinsic Beats

30. Neil Nots (Wreck Shop Movement/Crate Invaders)

31. Clutch Player

32. Hellsenda Productions (Hellfire Club Inc.)

There it is^ . I’ll be doing another one of these in September so if you have any MySpace pages of producers I need to start considering for next time drop ‘em in my comment boxes or hit me up on MySpace.



RO-beast said...

What man, Long time reader first time post.

About the Producers you should look up Obsidian Blue. He has a Myspace page and a website.

Blogwart said...


Unknown said...

peep egon brainparts at for that instrumental old school dj shadow, blockhead, rjd2, bonobo vibe with a twist. Peace.

ms.see said...

check out Marc See on
fresh live instrumentals,real music

Reasonance said...


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

This is Spon from BeatFanatic
I see people trying to put themselves on like "hey peep this guy out" & its really them - fuck that!!
I just found this dope producer& he is not from my crew...

He is also on myspace / myrawkus