Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dart Adams presents The Official Marvel Handbook To The Bloggerverse (Part 3 Of 4)

As we proceed to give you what you need! © Diddy

Kanye Universecity as Ego The Living Planet
Kanye's favorites in the world of art, fashion, design, tech and music. He also occasionally talks about himself every now and then.

Alchemist Beats as Henry Pym
Stories and info straight from ALC himself. We're patiently waiting on "Chemical Warfare", my dude!

Elitaste as Silver Surfer
Everything Wale related in addition to random objects regarding the wide world of urban culture. Waiting on that debut album as well.

Rappers I Know as Namor, The Sub Mariner
The best blog specializing in subterranean Hip Hop acts for all over the country. Peace to FWMJ AND The ARE for putting us on to so much heat.

Aggregate Dope as Synch
Aeon works along with the Lessondary Crew to help raise their levels and make everything fresher than it was.

Soul Assassins as Scourge Of The Underworld
The Soul Assassins specialize in making underground hits so this fits them perfectly in my opinion.

QN5 as The Uncanny X-Men
QN5 crew have been reppin' since the glory days of the Backpack Era and show no signs of slowing down 10+ years later.

It's The Real as Kick-Ass
Both seem to get better with time and are finding their ways in a dog eat dog urban environment. Plus they both kick ass.

Grandgood as Skrull Kill Crew
Cuz of how they be straight up merkin' shit. There's three of 'em (G, Ming Tzu & CV) but they're not the Beatles (yes, the math will always be wrong).

The Pirate's Dilemma as Corsair
Matt Mason is the baddest damn pirate in the whole bloggerverse. Salute!

The Dice Game as Ronin
Bankhead does his dirt all by his lonely and answers to one but himself.

Hip Hop Is Read as The Hood
Ivan proves that Tyler Durden isn't the only one with an army.

33 Jones as Gentle
Fresh @ 33 Jones is a good brother...don't start none, won't be none.

Blind I For The Kids as Young X-Men
The next generation of bloggers. The site was down for a lengthy reconstruction but now it's back in effect.

Zilla Says as Blade
Zillz plays the role of the Daywalker. He designed the site himself and it's one of the best looking blogs in the bloggerverse. Check it out.

Doorknockers as Daughters Of The Dragon
Girls rock too © Senor Kaos

Rock The Dub as Rage
Khal is one of the first bloggers I ever encountered when I started Poisonous Paragraphs. Respect.

Hip Hop Isn't Dead as Prodigy (David Alleyne)
Max does the knowledge on some of Hip Hop's most notables releases. Don't sweat the technique.

Next Up: Fake Shore Drive, The Kaos Effect, Tree Beats, The Full Clip, Fresh Selects, Invincible Bully, Gorilla Vs. Bear, El Gringo Colombiano, Schnooklyn Zoo, Check The Rhime, Musical Essence, Fat Kid Fresh, This Recording, Black Music Lovers and Musical Schizophrenia



Ivan said...

Oh sh*t! This is awesome, Dart!

Where The Hood at!!!! ;D

bankhead said...

I have to get my some stuff on that Ronin guy haha. Props on this and it's true!

Max said...


Anonymous said...


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zillz said...

* nods *


Anonymous said...

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