Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dart Adams presents Brian Scalabrine's iPod Playlist

Brian Scalabrine was one of the first players signed by Danny Ainge when he took the mantle of leadership of the Boston Celtics franchise back in the summer of 2005. He was signed to a 5 year deal for $15 million dollars and he wore Danny Ainge's old number (#44). Back when he played at New Jersey, much was made of a supposed "Scalabrine Effect" where some statisticians found that when Scalabrine entered the game the Nets scored more, rebounded more and shot better while turning over the ball less.

Many basketball fans were confused by the signing because the Celtics were trying to get faster and more athletic so they could play better team defense and Brian Scalabrine is neither fast nor athletic. While priding himself on being a shooter, it has failed to show up in his shooting percentages. Scalabrine has struggled mightily on a few bad teams and become a fan favorite because he appeals to the average fan. At 6'9 235, he also filled a spot a backup power forward and he occasionally played some small forward and in short spurts he's filled in at center.

After the 2007 Draft, the Celtics organization brought in a bunch of talented, fast and athletic scorers and defensive specialists via the draft and trades. Brian Scalabrine slid way down on the depth chart but he managed to make the team and contribute some during their 66-16 2007-08 NBA Championship campaign even though he never played one minute in the playoffs. His biggest contribution was at the Game 6 postgame press conference where he chided the media for picking against the Celtics.

This preseason, the Celtics are carrying 16 players and it looks like Brian Scalabrine is the odd man out. He's been getting outplayed by a slew of young talent that the Celtics brass has brought in through trades and free agency as well as veterans from previous seasons. Between the outstanding practices and preseason play of Leon Powe, Glenn "Big Baby" Davis, Patrick O' Bryant, Darius Miles, Bill Walker, Gabe Pruitt and J.R. Giddens it's looking like Brian Scalabrine is the odd man out (along with Sam Cassell). Here's my interpretation of what songs on Brian Scalabrine's iPod best describe his current situation. Enjoy:

Ya Dayz R #'D-NYG'z
You Know I'm No Good-Amy Winehouse
I Try-Talib Kweli f/Mary J. Blige
Strugglin'-2Pac f/Live Squad
Ballin' Outta Control-Jermaine Dupri f/Nate Dogg
I Wish-Skee-Lo
Why Oh Why? (The Basketball Song)-Spearhead
Getting Out The Game-Consequence f/Kanye West
I'm Not Playing-Ultimate Force
Brick-Ben Folds Five
Sit 'Em Back Slow-AZ f/M.O.P.
Soul In The Hole-3rd Bass
Last Dayz-Onyx
Failure-Lupe Fiasco
Don't Dream It's Over-Crowded House
Play No Games-Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz f/Fat Joe, Trick Daddy & Oobie
Bags Packed-Akinyele
Thought I Lost My Spot-PMD
Never Let Me Go-Aretha Franklin
I Don't Play-Busy Bee
It's Over-Ghostface Killah
Red Headed Stepchild-Asscavern
Get Out-Busta Rhymes
Not Gonna Be Able To Do It-Double XX Posse
On The Bench-Arakatuba
Looking At The Front Door-Main Source
The Worst-Onyx f/Wu Tang Clan
I Gotta Get Through This-Daniel Bedingfield
Never No More-Souls Of Mischief
White Men Can't Jump-Riff
Outta Here-KRS One


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Aaron said...

lol @ "outta here" being the last song

patrick obryant is in boston? i thought he was still in europe.