Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dart Adams presents The Official Marvel Handbook To The Bloggerverse (Part 4 Of 4)

Once again it's on! © Eazy-E

Fake Shore Drive as Tag
When Andrew Barber from the Chi tags someone or something and co-signs it, the bloggerverse listens. You should, too.

The Kaos Effect as Nighthawk
Senor Kaos and crew rep Atlanta to the fullest. They cover everything from new music releases, local shows and events to sports and current urban culture.

Tree Beats as Nick Fury
Original or Ultimate, you make the call! That's What It Is.

The Full Clip as Roadblock
Don't front on my boy Dukes and his blog The Full Clip. When you see the gold tape you know you're at the right spot.

Fresh Selects as Pete Wisdom
Kenny Fresh, a fellow OKP decided to start his own blog and he's gotten off to quite a hot start so far. He's firing off more hot shit than Pete Wisdom.

Invincible Bully as Swordsman
Swann holds it down in the field of rare Hip Hop releases or throwback jerseys. Don't sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death.

Gorilla Vs. Bear as Gorilla-Man
Who else was I gonna pick to represent Gorilla Vs. Bear. If you're not reading this blog then you should kick yourself in the ass (provided you can).

El Gringo Colombiano as Fabian Cortez
He's one of the first cats that ever posted about my "What's New In Dart's iPod" posts and a fellow commenter on Good dude.

Schnooklyn Zoo as The Vision
If you've never caught any of Vas' legendary posts, mixes and compilations then you're sleeping on one of the best in the game.

Check The Rhime as The Loners
When the world zigs, they zag. Check The Rhime has that hot shit, trust.

Musical Essence as Fantomex
Andrew is busy with school right now but we'll hold him down until he gets back into the game.

Fat Kid Fresh as The Falcon
Rideout's the man to blame for getting me into blogging on MySpace back in 2006. The rest is history. Salute.

Black Music Lovers as Sunspot
He's Brazilian, they're just fits somehow.

This Recording as Squadron Supreme
There's a lot of writers and contributors at This Recording...check the site out sometimes.

Musical Schizophrenia as Bullseye
Heaps posts all types of Hip Hop on Musical Schizophrenia (hence the name). Bullseye is actually schizophrenic...they're both always on point.

If I missed your blog I apologize as I have 210 blogs on my Technorati Favorites List. I promise to catch you next time I feel up to flirting with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.



Anonymous said...

you're awesome.

appreciate the shout

Heaps said...

Thanks for the comparison man, appreciate it!!

- Heaps

Andrew Barber said...

Haha...thank you sir. Now I just have to figure out who Tag is. 1!

M said...

I strive to get there one day......Them handbooks used to be my shit back in the day.

Vas said...

Thats whats up. Excellent idea right here, I'm actually glad that mine was on the last page, and got a chance to read through all these other ones. Props to you Dart, these paragraphs are still poisonous.


Señor Kaos said...

Maaaaaaaan Dart I catch the Super late pass. I saw this back in Oct, but for some reason never got to leave a damn comment. :(

Thanks for The Kaos Effect Shout homie...

I got some new music for you too...