Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dart Adams presents What Goes On AKA Nowhere Man

Where the hell have I been this past week some of you have wondered? I've gotten e-mails and MySpace messages from readers pondering the same question and it's about time I finally addressed the issue. As many of you have known for about the past month or so I've been late updating this blog frequently. I have every day of this past week saved as drafts and I intend to post blogs that I have pre scheduled but just have yet to write and/or finish. Due to my scheduling issues with my brother and I sharing the same space whereas before I could pretty much work without any distractions or obstacles I may not be able to do 5 posts a week anymore like I could in the past.

I realize that there aren't any other bloggers beside me that try to make epic fuckin' posts every week day and maybe I need to cut that shit out. I really need to focus on doing all of the mega posts that I keep on putting off. This is the reason why the 2nd half of the "50 Producers That You Need To Hear On MySpace" list won't go up this month. I'll try to fill up my missing blogs for October but starting in November (especially after the election is over) I just post when I can and allow myself to miss days without feeling that I'm letting anyone down but myself.

Now I can just focus on doing the mega posts that I promised from months ago without thinking that since I went a few days without a post that I'm somehow shortchanging someone (?). Last year (2007), I made a total of 212 posts, a fair amount were re-posts of my older blogs from AllHipHop and MySpace. This year so far I'm up to 221 with 4 more posts pending and November and December yet to go. I don't have anything to prove to anyone so why do I even feel the need to go in depth and explain myself or why I won't be posting every weekday anymore?

I don't have to try to be the goddamn blogging version of John Henry anymore, I've done more than enough. I'm sure everyone that actually cares realizes that I made my point by now. My regular features like Dartflix, A Tale Of Ten Trailers and What's New In Dart's iPod will all be unaffected by this change. Maybe I'll be able to sleep easier after missing a day now that I wrote this. LOL.



DL said...

Everyone needs a break from time to time. It's good for ya.

I don't know how you manage to do it like that anyway Dart. You put us all to shame.



Mookie Williams said...

Nice blog, care to affiliate?