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Dart Adams presents 8 Albums I Wish I Never Sold Or Gave Away

Today I decided to write about a few CD's I wish I still had in my crates. Back when I started this blog and I used to upload CD's from my collection and I remember looking for some of these joints before I remembered that I no longer owned them. I'm gonna tell the story of eight projects I really wish I could've held onto. I also wish I never let my boy BASEK "borrow" my old Stress Magazines with both parts of the Lo Lifes/Ralphie's Kids story...ironically enough, he stole them. Well, here goes:

The Groove Active Collection (1995) OM Records

This compilation was one of the first ever releases from San Francisco based Electronica and Hip Hop label OM Records and it was also one of the first ever Enchanced CD produced. It had some nice extras like footage of San Francisco graf dominated by TWIST pieces. It also had footage of a few spoken word performances on it which was totally unheard of at the time. It mixed some Jazz influenced Hip Hop with Jazz influenced Trip Hop tracks and it's pretty damn rare now.

I got a promo copy of it back in 1996 when I was working with an ill fated Hip Hop magazine that actually folded before it ever published(*rolls eyes*). I remember playing it in my old (but brand new then) Mac Power PC 6100/60 and thinking to myself that this was the future for the music CD. Not too long afterward Loud Records started releasing Enchanced CD's as well. I sold this CD to CD Spins, the used CD/DVD store I used to work back in 2000 for $10. I wish I kept it but I had groceries to buy and I didn't get paid until the next week.

Abstrakt Workshop (1995) Shadow Records

Abstrakt Workshop 2 (1996) Shadow Records

I got both of these CD's at the same time from a store called Nuggets that also sold used vinyl, cassette tapes, VHS movies and CD's for only $8. Since they were both promo copies and no one who worked there was familiar with Trip Hop or Electronica of any kind they lowballed the price. I played these compliations for years before they ultimately ended up finding themselves at the bottom of my crates years later. Nowadays, both of those compilations are highly sought after by collectors.

Once the whole Electronica craze really kicked off and Fatboy Slim, Daft Punk, Moby, The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy blew up people began looking for all of the early Electronica they could get their hands on regardless of genre (?). I sold both of these compilations to my own store for $16 dollars (Abstrakt Workshop 2 was a double CD so I got more for it) so I could have pocket money. In 2000, I was making $7 an hour (because I had previous experience) and got paid every two weeks with no chance for overtime. I made $421.12 after taxes for 80 hours of work for about 8 months. Welcome to America.

ColdKrushCuts-DJ Krush, Coldcut & DJ Food (1997) Ninja Tune Records

I bought this double CD remix/mix of classic Ninja Tune tracks back in 1998 when I was working at Tower Records. Between 1995 and 1999 I went through a bit of a Junglist phase there stopping short at ever buying a pair of Jnco Jeans (remember those?). I actually played the hell out of this album for a while but by 1999 it managed to find it's way to the bottom of my crates like many of the other CD's on this list.

I remember being about $10 dollars short of paying my overdue cable bill in full back in 2000 and a week away from getting paid at CD Spins. I walked down to my store with this CD and a DVD I hated (The Player's Club I think?) and came away with $15. I then trekked to Boston Checkcashers and paid my Cablevision (remember them?) bill and got my service turned back on before my mom got home and found out it was off in the first place. Living check to check is fuckin' ghey, son.

The Beat Assassinated-DJ Cam (1998) Inflamable Records

I used to love this CD and I was a fan of DJ Cam going back to 1995 or so when one of my friends from high school used to get these tapes from his cousin in France and I used to dub them off him. I bought this CD from Tower Records as an import using my employee discount and a gift card I got from one of my then supervisor for my outstanding work. I had this album for about a year before I met some girl from Paris and we started talking about DJ Cut Killer, DJ Cam, IAM and the state of French Hip Hop in general (it was 2000) and if it also entered the Jiggy Era.

She told me that one of her favorite recent albums was DJ Cam's "The Beat Assassinated" but she lost it at Logan Airport and she didn't want to spend what little money she had left to buy an American import copy that cost an arm and a leg. She was staying at a friend of mine's house near where I lived in the South End so I told her I was going to get something to eat real quick and come right back. I went back to my house around 3 blocks away and dug into my crates and pulled out my copy. I brought it back over to her at the apartment and surprised her with it. She was happy as hell when I gave it to her and I heard she even played it on the way to Logan before she flew out...the next day. Oh well.

I didn't feel up to shelling out another $25+ dollars to get another copy. Now that all of these different music blogs exist I can find it all over the place for free. I still have the instrumental for "Success" burned into my memory forever from when I used to freestyle to it back in the days.

Northern Sulphuric Soul-Rae & Christian (1998) Sm:)e Communications

I bought this joint at Tower Records back in 1998 when Sm:)e Communications released it in North America. I was familiar with Rae & Christian's work through their Grand Central releases and production/remixes for other artists. I enjoyed this album for about six months before I sold it to some drunk kid from New Zealand for $20 at a Boston University party because he didn't know it had been released in America. I guess he didn't notice that the cover was slightly different on it.

I forgot that I'd even sold it until back in December 2006 when I was lining up the CD's I was going to upload when I started up Poisonous Paragraphs I couldn't find it anywhere. I was ransacking my entire closet before I remembered selling it to that crazy ass drunk dude from Auckland back in 1999. Now it's hard to find old Sm:)e Communications albums but I'm sure it's up on the blogs now. The old Jeru and Jungle Brothers tracks and the instrumentals were some of my favorite tracks from it.

Ki-Oku-DJ Krush & Toshinori Kond0 (1999) Instinct Records

I still kick myself in the ass about letting this one go to this day. We used to have a policy at the store that we write down all of the musoc we played in the store when I worked at CD Spins...the thing is that we often brought in our own music to play rather than play music from the store because what if the album you're dead set on playing is sold out? To remedy that, we brought our own CD's in to work sometimes.

If any of you ever saw the movie "High Fidelity" then you have an idea of what it was like for me to work at CD Spins. We used to field esoteric music questions from customers and engage in these music debates and make lists all day long. We also had a DVD player in the store so we'd play these DVD versions of Dragon's Lair and Dragon's Lair II for fun occasionally. One day, it was my turn to play a CD and I took out "Ki-Oku" and put it into the CD player. It was playing for about 15 minutes before this older Black guy was walking by, heard it on the external speakers and walked into the store.

He asked what was playing and my boy Jay pointed him to me. I told him it was "Ki-Oku" by Toshinori Kondo (whom he'd heard of) and DJ Krush (whom he hadn't) and that it was mine and not available for sale in the store. I told him it might be at the HMV 5o feet away or the Strawberries just more than a block away. He said thanks and went to cop it. About 30 minutes later he came right back and told me that when he searched for and asked for this CD (I wrote down all the info on it and showed him the cover) at both spots he was met with blank stares by clerks as well as management. He offered to buy mine off me for $25 dollars. I couldn't say no to being able to cop some groceries on the way home so I sold it to him right there on the spot.

This was yet another CD that I didn't remember I sold until I was searching for it years later and I couldn't find it for the life of me. Then I remembered that I sold it to the old Black dude that I put on to Rob Swift when he walked into the store the next month while I was playing "Soulful Fruit". I called and reserved him some copies of "Soulful Fruit" and "The Ablist" at Newbury Comics that same day. I saw him on the street last year and he still remembers me and told me that he still plays those CD's. If you see "Ki-Oku" for download online check it out.

Mixer presents Rae & Christian (2000) Moonshine Music

I gave this CD to some cute college chick back in 2000 while I was hollering at/in negotiations with her. A couple of days later I got into an argument with the co-owner of CD Spins for being an asshole to his employees and subsequently killing the store. I was dangerously close to busting his ass before quitting and leaving the store. I ended up getting banned from that loacation for a while and he pretty much told the guys that worked there that he'd fire them if they associated themselves with me (which the other owner Bill lifted about a week later after he found out about it).

I lost contact with that girl and since I didn't work in the warehouse I couldn't get my hands on any of the other copies of that mix CD that we had in stock. It turns out that it was a rare CD with a limited run of pressings and I never saw another physical copy of it ever again. It was a damn good mix, too. It was the first time I could actually sit through Swollen Members "S & M On The Rocks" without feeling the need to stuff cotton in my ears on some cartoon shit. This CD also signifies the end of my record store working days. A few weeks later I'd start doing nightwork cleaning oven hoods and being the occasional bodyguard to paranoid drug users and dealers in Boston's Leather District. Wait until I get a book deal. LOL.


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