Monday, October 20, 2008

Dart Adams presents A Tale Of Ten Trailers 11 AKA The Hunt For Red October Is Over Edition

Last night, I saw my beloved Red Sox fall to the Tampa Bay Rays and fail to defend their World Series Championship. Since the New England Patriots are T-Painin' it (mediocre) that means that the Boston Celtics are officially the cities only hope to win it all. I never thought that I'd ever be typing out either of those sentences. Since it's going to be a sad October for all of ud members of Red Sox Nation this year I thought I'd use that as the theme for this month's "A Tale Of Ten Trailers" post.

The lone comedies on the slate for this month are a couple of independent dark comedies and the rest of the selected trailers are a mix of under the radar features and a few major studio dramas that will be out later this year. For anymore info on these ten films feel free to check out IMDb (I'm still waiting for an official trailer for "The Road" and the oft delayed "Killshot" and "The Tournament"...maybe next month?). Tomorrow I post up Dartflix Edition #43, here goes:


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