Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dart Adams presents Livications: No Trivia

Brandon Soderberg's blog has no banner and no logos are anywhere to be found on the site, just the block letters "No Trivia" in bold at the top of the page. The URL is brandonsoderberg.blogspot.com. His email account is brandsoderberg@gmail.com. No banner. No logo. No bullshit. No gimmicks. No Trivia. Brandon started his blog on December 22nd, 2006, 10 days before I started Poisonous Paragraphs. His first entry on No Trivia was about J Dilla's "Donuts". Six days later he received the first comment of many on his blog, this what it said:

bubsdepot said...
If you can write like this on a consistent basis, people will start reading yer shit eventually...

If that cat only knew that No Trivia would eventually become one of the best blogs on the internet. I couldn't begin to tell you how many times I had an idea for a blog but I wasn't quite sure of what approach or angle to take just to read No Trivia and have Brandon hit the nail right on the head. Not to mention all of the occasions where I read one of his posts and he sent me back to the lab to do some rewrites to the blog I was going to post that afternoon because he'd raised the bar so high with his previous posts. I owe a lot to Brandon Soderberg for keeping me razor sharp, if I ever slack off I'll read his next piece and know that I just fucked up (No Bill Duke in the interrogation room in "Menace II Society")

Rather than write an astonishingly brilliant and insightful blog about something Hip Hop related in the fashion that Brandon would (that's a tall order!), I will instead do my own version of one of his regular series', "How Big Is Your World?". Here is my blog in honor of No Trivia below:

How Big Is Your World? Really, Really Good Recent Hip Hop

School-DJ Revolution f/Planet Asia (prod. by DJ Revolution)

DJ Revolution is the long time on air DJ of Sway & Tech's world famous Wake Up Show as well as an accomplished DJ and producer in his own right. His new Duck Down release "King Of The Decks" is loaded with bangers from front to back, one of them being the Planet Asia assisted "School". King Medallions spits fire on an already hot track.

Insane-Heltah Skeltah (prod. by Marco Polo)

Everything is Heltah Skeltah! The duo's first album in about a decade officially drops today. If you were on the fence about whether or not you should get off of your ass and buy it then let this track push you over the edge. Marco Polo's deft production coupled with Sean Price and Rock's simultaneously humorous and hardcore lyrics and airtight delivery will have you at the counter of your local record store mos def (no Dante Bize Smith).

God Like-Jake One f/D. Black (prod. by Jake One)

Whenever I discuss this album I end up sounding kinda like the Black version of that dude Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory". It's a damn shame that it doesn't drop until October 7th, but one of the tracks from this album that no blogs seem to be gushing over is one of the dopest (do people still say that?) on "White Van Music" in my opinion. I'm an oldhead so I'll always prefer the "album track" to the "obvious single"...that's the mentality that was bred by listening to so many great B-sides in my formative years (Thanks, Prince!). "God Like" by D. Black fits the bill perfectly.

Hustler-Kano (prod. by Mikey J )

One of my all time favorite Grime artists and top 5 selected (by myself) emcees new album "140 Grime St." hits the street today. This album is a return to his Grime roots and his lead single "Hustler" produced by Mikey J was a monster across the pond. Check this one out and don't sleep on the UK...Sway's "The Signature LP" drops next week after he just inked a deal with Akon's Kon Live label.

The Way That I Live-Madlib f/Stacy Epps (prod. by Madlib)

Madlib on the beat. Stacy Epps does the rest. If you haven't heard or purchased her new album "The Awakening" then feel free to smack yourself repeatedly. Or listen to this, smack yourself for sleeping and then go out to the record store and rectify the situation.

Been Shot Down-Royce Da 5’9” (prod. by Green Lantern)

Nickle Nine plus Green Lantern equals one heat rock. Happy Bar Exam 2.

Long Life-Dela f/Talib Kweli (prod. by Dela)

French Hip Hop producer Dela has toiled in the underground for years but he really raised some eyebrows with his last project "Atmosphere Airlines" which featured some of Hip Hop's best and brightest. With his new project "Changes Of Atmosphere" he simply raises the bar even higher. His collaboration with the legendary Talib Kweli will have you checking for his previous material...and his new shit.

3 In The Chamber-DJ K.O. f/O.C., Torae & Kaze (prod. by Ayatollah)

Ayatollah produced this. What, you really need me to say more about it? Fuck it, then...Omar Credle spits molten lava alongside Justus League affiliates Torae and Kaze. Trust me, it's bangin'!

The A-Now On f/Buff1 (prod. by 14KT)

Do not sleep on this album. Do not sleep on this album. Do not sleep on this album (Once for each cover). Michigan Hip Hop group Now On's "Tomorrow Already" is available for purchase today. Buff1's "There's Only One" is in stores now and fellow Lab Tech's producer 14KT's "The Magic Hour" drops on October 14th and Black Milk's "Tronic" drops on October 28th. Detroit, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti have so much talent doing big things right now it's ridiculous...which reminds me, Invincible's "Shapeshifters" is also available for purchase in record store and online retailers. Damn you, Michigan! LOL.

I’m Innocent-Murs (prod. by 9th Wonder)

Y'all thought Murs was gonna sell out after he signed a deal with a major, didn't you? You heard "Better Than The Rest" and "Dreadlocks" and got worried, huh? Then you heard "Sweet Lord" and thought "Maybe it'll be alright". Murs opens up his album with a response to all of the pundits, critics and naysayers by spitting fire over a hot beat. This ain't no love song.

The Chosen-Termanology (prod. by Havoc)

Continuing the legacy of great emcees from Lawrence, MA AKA Lawtown (Scientifik, Krumb Snatcha, Reks, etc.) is Termanology of ST Da Squad. Backed by a Havoc track he shows why his album has been so highly anticipated. Go cop "Politics As Usual" and help stimulate our ailing economy.

Inglewood-New Jack Hustle (prod. by Newman)

What do you get when you combine Giant Panda producer extraordinaire Newman with rookie sensation Shawn Jackson? The answer is New Jack Hustle, yet another buying option for you to cop when it hits store shelves on October 21st. If this doesn't get your head nodding then you must be paralyzed from the neck up or some shit.

Next up in my Livications series: Oh Word



Ross said...

where can i find a dl link to the Now On - Tomorrow Already album? I wanna give the whole record a spin b4 I decide to give em my hard earned money.

Dart Adams said...

@ ross:

Ain't one. You're just gonna have to trust me (and Eric @ When They Reminisce) on this one.


zillz said...

you be killing me with pic of the ol' girl as a rating system!