Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dart Adams presents Livications:

In this, the third edition of my Livications series where I do drops dedicated to my favorite blogs by using their posting style/templates/regular series' and what not. Since Dallas Penn is known for doing drops where he does these "equivalent/counterpart" style drops in regards to the Star Wars universe and he's famous for his comic book drops I decided to combine the two and create this blog for my boy Dallas, everyone's favorite Internet Celebrity (what up, Rafi!).

Dart Adams presents The Official Marvel Handbook To The Bloggerverse:

Dallas Penn as Bishop
A Black man that's clearly from the future as evidenced by the Ghetto Big Mac and several of his drops on

Oh Word as Uatu, The Watcher
Anyone that subscribes to Rafi Kam's RSS feed on or reads their articles will attest to this as well. as The Kingpin
The Kingpin has hella people on the payroll. Tell me I'm wrong.

Nah Right as Galactus
Frequent commenters=Heralds

The Rap Up as Iron Man
Join Rizoh and The Initiative...or be sorry.

The Smoking Section as The Thunderbolts
If you're not with The Initiative then you're against them. as Wolverine
Popular as hell, respected by everyone and can recall more shit/has more stories/history then anyone else in the Hip Hop bloggerverse.

Passion Of The Weiss as Iceman
Just like Jeff Weiss, Bobby Drake is cool, popular and has no idea how powerful and respected he actually is...or he doesn't act like it.

Miss Info.TV as Psylocke
She's been in the game for years running with some of the best squads that ever did it. The fact she was a part of so many legendary squads is NO coincidence, either.

2 Dope Boyz as Cable and Deadpool
Dope boys in the building! (No Cadillac)

Wake Your Daughter Up as Spider-Man
Everybody loves Ol' Web Head! One of the most influential cats in the Hip Hop bloggerverse.

Poisonous Paragraphs as Luke Cage
The head of the New Avengers along with Spider-Man and one of the original Heroes For Hire alongside Iron Fist. Sweet Christmas!

When They Reminisce as Iron Fist
Iron Fist is one of the deadliest and most resourceful cats around. When teamed up with Luke Cage they're unfuckwittable. Ask around.

From Da Bricks as Captain Britain
The UK's own official homegrown Hip Hop blogging superhero (sorry Union Jack!)

Cold Rock Da Spot as Gambit
Lord Jaz, hit me one time make it funky! © Funkyman

Classic Drug References as Daredevil
Sweeney Kovar does more alone than most other bloggers do in crews...presumably also under the cover of night.

Floodwatch Music as Nova
One of the best in the game and criminally underrated. Stop sleeping on my boy Flood, y'all.

No Trivia as The Punisher
Brandon Soderbergh has straight up merked shit so often with his blogs that I couldn't think of another hero besides Frank Castle to represent him.

Stuntin' On Prose as The Crew
Being hacked ain't gonna stop J. Burn and his crew from making things fresher than they were. as The New Warriors
No one on the corner has swagger like them..or showcases new artists like they do. Check 'em out.

Model Minority as Monet St. Croix
If M.Dot had superpowers I guarantee you all that the world would be a much better place to live in.

Herfection as Aliyah Bishop
It's really, really hard not to love H.E.R.

Yellow Rebel as Shang Chi
Yellow Rebel holds it down for New York just like Marvel Knight/Hero For Hire Shang Chi, Marvel's foremost Chinese hero.

Clap Cowards as Cannonball
Zilla Rocca is already the Rap Jack Bauer and now he's an External that was also the former leader of X-Force after Cable bounced. I went full comic book nerd on y'all right there didn't I? Never go full comic book nerd!

Guerilla Busfare as Jubilee/Wondra
If you're unfamiliar with Krishtine De Leon's work for such publications as Rolling Stone, Mass Appeal or The Source then you're seriously sleeping on her skills.

Mo Is Dead Serious as Storm
Seriously, who else was I gonna have Marvelous Mo be but Storm?

Oh! That Vixen as X-23
If any of you are familiar with former contributor Diora than you know why matched her up with a female version of Wolverine. Check her blog out, too.

Next up in my Livications series: Wake Your Daughter Up



quan said...

You and Brandon almost make me wanna follow comics mad furious. Of course, my wallet says otherwise but you get the point.

Anonymous said...

I just laughed my breakfast up all over my keyboard. Damn you for your hilarity, Dart... damn you.

DL said...

Lol, dope. Now I just need to cop me a Captain Britain tee and I'll be good to go, rocked nicely with some matching Air Max of course.

Anonymous said...


According to wikipedia, Cannonball is "a salt-of-the-earth, honest, well-mannered and responsible young man, is a natural leader."

That's just like me, except I generate thermo-chemical energy and release it from his ass, where most of my blog posts come from!

Thanks for the love, my friend!

Dioracat said...

I was about to get all pouty and let my lower lip tremble and whine, "But I WANNA BE Psylocke!!!!" I mean, c'mon, I've got Asian blood...I know martial arts...but then I realized that X-23 actually was more accurate. On top of the above, I also have a limited relationship with moms and have a penchant for physical violence. (Well, and murder, but I don't wanna go to jail.)


Dallas Penn said...

Jesus man, you are a monster blogger. This drop right here is like you throwing down the gauntlet on em-effs.

Thanks for the respect in the game.

John Q said...

Dope (I'm Clean) Post. Wish I could have made into the verse, but I'm one of those cats you don't hear about (that cat that on some now you see me,now you don't sh..). Oh well, hope to maintain order in the verse.

Dart Adams said...

@ John q: You actually did make the list (wait until you see who you are!), the actual post was so goddamn long that if I posted it the page would've had loading problems so I cut it in half. I'll post part two on Thursday.

Remember that I have 210 blogs on my Technorati favorites list. LOL.


samuel rules said...

hahaha, Brandon as Punisher is TOO PERFECT

Anonymous said...

me as Storm? Really? That's flattering Dart!!!

I'm sitting here wishing to strike MFs with lightening and shit and here I find you naming me storm.

so dope. you & DP on these comic posts...who does it better?

John Q said...

Ohhhhh (says this in an spotlighted manner). Wow, Don't I feel ike an Jackhole. Well, um... since there are no take backs (who still says that), let's just overlook that comment and move on like nothing happen. As a matter of fact, what was the subject we be disecting...

Passion of the Weiss said...

This is perhaps the best compliment I've ever received. Thanks for doing this Dart. Great great stuff.

Passion of the Weiss said...

This is perhaps the best compliment I've ever received. Thanks for doing this Dart. Great great stuff.

Yellow Rebel said...


Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

Dart...great concept man...good lord man, you's a creative son of a gun...

The Crew eh?...

well I was thinking either I would be Kasper Cole (Casper=Ghost=White=MTF is a YT)but then I went with the Jim Rhodes. Only reason I got Canons on my shoulders all day dun.


good shit man, props to you.

Travis said...

Duuuuude! Spider Man? That's some dope shit right there! I'm already trying to figure out how to work that into my next pick up line.....

Kristia said...

I love it when comic geeks brush their shoulders off.


Thanks homie -

Ms. Krish said...

I finally found my character after all the scrolling!


I'm glad Jubilee isn't wearing the corny yellow raincoat in this one...

sexy said...
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