Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dart Adams presents The Official Marvel Handbook To The Bloggerverse (Part 2 Of 4)

This originally started out with my Livication blog for but it got to be so long that I had to chop it up. I have since added onto it and it's now so big that I've had to separate it again and spread it out over 2 more blogs. This edition will cover more than 20 blogs and will be followed by the final part next Thursday. And now without further ado I present part two of "The Official Marvel Handbook To The Bloggerverse":

Cocaine Blunts & Rap Tapes as The In-Betweener
Noz would champion the unheard and the obscure and defend the mainstream at the same time. He always kept us on our toes with his diverse taste in Hip Hop. Who knew that you could be a fan of Plies, Lil' Wayne AND The Outsidahz?

Zentronix: Dubwise & HipHopcentric as Professor X

Jeff Chang is head and shoulders above most of us as evidenced by his book "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" and his blog. The greatest mind in the Hip Hop bloggerverse right now.

Ill Doctrine as Reed Richards
Jay Smooth is one of the best and brightest minds in the Hip Hop bloggerverse. His video blogs always bring a fresh perspective to a crazy world. Why else would he be chosen to appear in Nas and Rik Cordero's "Sly Fox" video. By the way, Jay...Vlogging isn't stupid.

Spine Magazine as The Order
Resistance is absolutely futile, son.

The Megatron Don as Megatron
Just Blaze's blog is more than meets the eye.

The Mindset Of A Champion as MODOK
Because they're both evil and neither of their necks can support the weight of those immense heads.

Illroots as The Inhumans
In the blog game content is king and they are in rareified air in that respect.

Straight Bangin' as Agent X
Anyone that's been reading and enjoying Straight Bangin' over the years can tell you that Joey is one crazy ass dude sometimes.

Werner Von Wallenrod's Humble Little Hip Hop Blog as Ghost Rider
Whether it's old interviews, obscure vinyl, tapes and CD's, video blogs or reviews of Hip Hop DVD's that you probably never heard of Werner gives us all one long penance stare for sleeping on this stuff in the first place. Who knew that there were blogs on AOL?

Masscorporation as Batroc The Leaper
Mr. Mass makes legendary mixes of classics and essential tracks and breakbeats. If you've never frequented Masscorporation before then you're sleeping, mon ami.

Hip Hop Bootleggers as HYDRA
Cut off one head and another grows in it's place. as The Wrecking Crew
I know I'm not the only one that misses the old Expert Whiteboy Analysis blogs and the EWA25 at the end of each month.

Souled On as Doctor Strange
Scholar has been one of the most knowledgeable cats in the Hip Hop bloggerverse as far as classic Funk, Soul and R&B goes. He's one of my favorite sources for my site I Hook A Beat Up.

Metal Lungies as Collossus
Aaron M, DJ01 and crew have an ironclad blog that appeals to connoisseurs of fine wine and rhyme the world over.

Notes From A Different Kitchen as Winter Soldier
If you're not familiar with Ian's blog then you really need to stop sleeping on it.

Thank God I'm Famous as Night Thrasher
Sickamore is head of The Famous Firm and the youngest in charge. If he hadn't published my blog on XXL who knows when or if I would've started Poisonous Paragraphs?

Know Good Music as Aegis
A-One and I see eye to eye on a lot of things...except for basketball. And baseball. And football. Check my boy's blog out.

Not A Blogger as Doctor Doom
Good Doc Zeus lives for nothing more than to play the role of funcrusher. Plus, he's hellbent on global domination (see what he did to Status Ain't Hood?).

Bust The Facts as S.H.I.E.L.D.
If you're looking for an obscure, hard to find or out of print album that no one else has even heard of then you call on Dread and Jimmy Smithson.

Martin & Jopparelli's Music Selections as The Maggia
Marty and Joppa are a couple of goodfellas with great taste in music that speak Italian and make musical selections (and offers) you can't refuse. Fuhgeddaboutit!

Blak's Lair as Black Panther
Lord Blak's blog is rich with slept on music of different genres much the same way Wakanda is rich with Vibranium. Check his spot out.

UniverSOUL Productions as Moon Knight
Omer Saar's blog is on top of all the overlooked hot shit floating around on the internet. Don't sleep on Omer's joint " The Green Album", either.

The Incubator as Guardian
Who better than Canada's greatest superhero not named Wolverine to represent Scott C.?

This Is Hip Hop as Union Jack
Kevin Nottingham's blog is invaluable. You want it they got it.

Turbo City as The Exiles
Turbo City just does them in an age where everybody seems to be doing the same damn thing. Salute.

THIMK and The Meaning Of Dope as Flashback
Vincent Lopez and Propmaster JC have both brought back more memories than I can count since their blogs have been running. I couldn't choose one over the other.

Lyrics To Go as John Wraith AKA Kestrel The Expediter
My boy John Q appears out of thin air and drops a post and then bounces for while but his drops more than make up for the frequency. If word is bond then Q is gone.

And It Don't Stop as Madcap
If you've never read Animal Mother's musings about Hip Hop and pop culture on his blogs And It Don't Stop or Help Me Jebus then you're missing out. AM, where ya at?

Next installment: Grandgood, Rappers I Know, Blind I For The Kids, 33 Jones, Hip Hop Is Read, Fake Shore Drive, The Full Clip, The Kaos Effect, What It Is, Rock The Dub, Hip Hop Isn't Dead, Fresh Selects, Invincible Bully, El Gringo Colombiano, Musical Essence, I Fux, Zilla Says, etc.



John Q said...

WOW! That be me down to the Tee (or Q in this case). I guess I got to back to doing what I do best: LINGERING UMMM..I..MEAN...BLOGGING (yeah, that's what I means (but I nice guy if you get to know Q)).

Joey said...

I gotta get some kind of html badge for my site with the Agent X logo. Jyeah!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, thanks for the drop man! This is pretty dope!

Unknown said...

oh snap...dope post, man. thanks for the props.

Jay Smooth said...

wowww a MODOK reference, that really takes me back lol..

Nobody gets to be Ego The Living Planet? Fin Fang Foom? ..Shang Chi??

DocZeus said...

Holy shit! I get to be Doom?! You've literally made my life!

And to all those who would oppose...Thou shall not fuck with the Good Doctor Z! The bloggerverse will kneel before before me before I'm done and all that look shall despair!

Classic post!

Dart Adams said...

@ Jay Smooth:

My boy Yellow Rebel got to be Shang Chi in the first blog. Ego The Living Planet is in my next's Kanye's blog! I don't hate anyone enough to use Fin Fang Foom to describe them, though. LOL.

@ Doc:

I try, man.


Anonymous said...

Very nice post!

keep it up


Aaron said...

I had to look up who Aegis even was!! Appreciate the name drop considering the fact that I don't really try to blog anymore.

AaronM said...

Nerdiest thing ever. LOVE IT.
Thanks for the props Dart, I loved Colossus when I was a kid.