Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dart Adams presents The Dartflix Film Review: Extract

Mike Judge's new film "Extract" opened recently. Since I'm a huge fan of "Office Space" (not so much "King Of The Hill", "The Goode Family" or even "Idiocracy") and I liked the cast and the trailer seemed interesting I figured this might end up one of my future favorite cult films in the future. Then I saw it...*Sigh*. Is this film funny? Occasionally. Is it well written? Well, yes. Is it a top notch cast? Absolutely. So why can't I make myself give a fuck about anyone on the screen or what's happening to them? I can't figure that out for the life of me! Is it because there's no "man" to stick it to? [II]. Is it because everyone is so nonchalant and unremarkable? I honestly can't put my finger on it.

Joel runs an extract plant. He's in a marriage that's entered a rut. He has a gang of oddball employees that do funny things from time to time. Not really laugh out loud funny, though. Just funny enough that you continue watching to see where it's all gonna lead. Then the payoff is minimal. Now you feel like an ass for watch the past 30 minutes. The dry humor was in effect like a muthafucka. I managed quite a few chuckles. I just couldn't get into this film at all. Joel's dilemma's didn't resonate with me. His friends were dickheads. His ideas & schemes should've made for hilarious results. They didn't for me. I laughed at the trailer but the film? I just watched it. When it was over I checked the clock wondering where the time went. Is that the whole thing? Is that how it ended? Fuck these people!

Mila Kunis was cute. That's about it. Ben Affleck was good for a few chuckles but other than that? Nada. J.K. Simmons? The same. Kristen Wiig? The same. The movie just had thing after thing after thing happen. I waiting for the climax to happen. You know, the real underlying point of this film to kick in. I don't believe that ever happened. I watched it twice just to make sure. Nope, nothing. I didn't care for Joel's issues involving selling his plant. His sexless/passionless marriage. Him actually listening to his friend's plan to get his wife to cheat so he'd be allowed to. None of it really paid off to me. Especially the anticlimatic resolution to all of the main conflicts/storylines. Booo!

The sad truth is that I could've gone without ever seeing this film and I would've been just fine with it. Did it suck? No way. Did it just do absolutely nothing for me in any way whatsoever? Yes. It happens from time to time, I guess. I find it odd because coming in I was sure I'd like this film. If you would've told me I'd spend less than 90 minutes staring at a screen waiting for something to grab me while watching "Extract" I wouldn't believe you. Then again, now that I think about it the only thing I've ever liked that Mike Judge has ever written was "Office Space". This was no "Office Space", my friends. I give "Extract" a disappointing maybe. Damn...


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Max said...

Fair enough. I haven't seen Extract and probably won't until it comes out on cable, but I'm glad that I'm not the only blogger that didn't like Idiocracy. I like my satire to actually make me laugh, no matter how uncomfortably.

Office Space will always be the balls, though.