Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dart Adams presents 25 More Producers You Need To Hear Right Now (Fall 2009 Edition) Part Four

It's almost over. Stop yer bloodclot cryin'! Last one. Let's gooo! © Dilla

Douglas Martin (Fresh Cherries From Yakima/5 O'Clock Shadowboxers)
Reps: Seattle, Washington

I know what some of you may be thinking. Oh no, a guy with a guitar! You know what I say to that? Good, that means he knows something about music for a goddamn change! I first encountered Douglas Martin through the comments section of Passion Of The Weiss. It turned out the he had his own blog called Fresh Cherries From Yakima where I also gleaned that he made music. Another blogger I ran into via Passion Of The Weiss is Zilla Rocca (NOVEMBER! ( he'll get it)). I guess Weiss was like one of you has chocolate and the other has peanut butter so why don't you just...[II]

In any event , 5 O' Clock Shadowboxers was born. Production handled by Douglas Martin. Rhymes handled by Zilla Rocca & Nico The Beast. Are bloggers the new A&R's? I dunno but after you hear tracks like "Bottomfeeders", "Eric Lindros", "Weak Stomach" you'll wonder why no one came up with this idea previously. Don't sleep on Douglas Martin. I'm writing this @ 5:45 AM EST. Y'all could've had an exclusive beat from Douglas Martin but Twitter's Direct Messages aren't working right now. Damn you, Twitter!

The Kickdrums
Reps: Cleveland, OH

The Kickdrums first came to my attention back in 2007 when they produced a couple of tracks for underground vet Copywrite's "The Jerk Vol. 0" mixtape. In 2008, they had a few remix and mashup placements on mixtapes. Most notably their contributions to the Viva La Hova project and the Sky High remix project. Then came their monster remix of Joe Budden's "Classic". The buzz behind them was crazy now.

They opened 2009 with the ridiculous "Smash The System" mixtape, a few months later they hit us with the Joey Fingaz & Mick Boogie "Kick In The Door" mixtape. Then they dropped "Just A Game" which is easily one of my favorite non Hip Hop albums of 2009, hands down. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Kankick AKA Kanzulu AKA The Funky Asthmatic
Reps: Oxnard, CA

I've known about Kankick for so goddamn long that I've begun to take him for granted. If I see his name (or any derivation of his name whatsoever, i.e. Kanzulu) I need to hear whatever it is yesterday. Earlier this year, Kankick dropped yet another incredible instrumental project called ""Beautiful: Opus Of Love, Deeper Than Flesh Vols. 1 & 2. Needless to say, I haven't stopped playing it since I heard it. Then again, that's common for Kankick's production output over the years. Get you some!

Entity Starr (SwAsHo Productions)
Reps: Dallas, TX

People claim that there are no more female producers anymore. Women can't make heat like men do behind the boards. They're hard to take seriously in Hip Hop, others say. It takes a lot of restraint on my part to not hit them. Why? Because I deal with math daily. It's hard for me to take the overwhelming majority of these so called male "producers" seriously PERIOD.

Plus, if there are no more female producers in Hip Hop anymore then how do I keep finding 'em for these lists every year? Why did my boy Khal @ Rock The Dub come up with the brilliant idea of releasing the Entity Starr produced Joulz Il product "The Il Before The Storm" then? Perhaps you're just not looking hard enough. First thing you gotta do is OPEN YOUR EYES. Then click those links directly below this text. You'll soon be free of The Matrix.

Roddy Rod (Maspyke/Low Budget Crew)
Reps: Springfield, MA/Baltimore, MD

I'd been hearing about DJ Roddy Rod for the longest time in Massachusetts. Imagine my surprise I saw his name on my Cali Agents CD liner notes (remember those?). Then I saw it again on Rawkus' "Lyricist Lounge 2" liner notes. Then I saw he produced one of my favorite tracks on Ed O.G's "The Truth Hurts" LP. He even dropped a few jams on Rasco's "Hostile Environment"LP. Then came the Maspyke 12's...There was no turning back. DJ Roddy Rod was a certified beast.

You ever heard "Blunt Park Sessions" before? What about "Cuba After Market"? Be on the lookout for "Cuba After Market 1.5" as well. You really can't afford to sleep on this cat anymore. Seriously.

Ro Blvd
Reps: Los Angeles, CA

When I think about how much work Ro Blvd has put down just in the past few years it's ridiculous. Whether we're talking about all the grinding he's done nonstop since 2006. His own unique brand of production on mixtapes and albums makes for a bring future. His work with U-N-I has opened eyes recently but I still remember homie from the old "Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth" project with Free Speech back in the days. If you haven't heard "Before The Love" or "A Love Supreme" before I already provided the links in the text above. It's required listening and yes, there will be a test later. For the last time, you're welcome. Class dismissed!

Next up in the Producers You Need To Hear Right Now (Winter 2009 Edition): fLako, Mr. Beatnick, Exile, Floating Points, Erik L, Fabio Musta, Cadik, Juuso, Annu, EQ, Michita, Grooveman Spot, 6 Fingers, Benga, Bless Beats, Kode 9, Newman, Teebs, Powell, Dorien Concept, Erik G, Rob Bates, etc.

This entire week of posts has been dedicated to the big homie Hex Murda. God bless you, Robyn Marie, the girls and the entire extended family out in Detroit. Hopefully you'll clown the shit out of me for this dedication sometime soon. I ain't prayed this much since the 2004 World Series.



douglas martin said...

dart, check your e-mail.

Unknown said...

Big ups Entity Starr!!! she is ILLL wit it

TRA said...

None of the above producers have the ability to be a household production name presently...

Minus Ro Blvd.

Never heard of the guy until this blog but the guy's production blew my mind.

I used to do A&R when it mattered and you actually had to have talent (I worked for Atlantic and Sony).

I am on record stating that Kanye would be a production superstar back in 99/00. The Neptunes in '97... Timbo in '96... and the list goes on.

I will not go into detailed analysis as to why the others will most likely remain in underground obscurity unless they diversify their sound (though The Kickdrums show promise as well as Entity Starr), but this guy Ro Blvd is the best of the bunch [thus far].

Matter of fact, if I were A&R'ing a project today... he would be getting a call from me.

I would see what The Kickdrums had... maybe call Entity...

But Ro would get a spot on ANY album I was structuring.

I look forward to hearing more of his work.