Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dart Adams presents 25 More Producers That You Need To Hear Right Now (Fall 2009 Edition) Part Three

I'm back! © Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud

Snowman Jack (Jack Sample Pros/Exchange Bureau/All City Records)
Reps: Detroit, MI

Snowman Jack. Perfect name for him. His jawns are cold. His beats are hard. His tracks are chilled out. You want it? He got it. Is your dumb ass still doubting me? Oh, and dudes been doing this for years. Hell you been at? Just stick with me kids. If you see the names "Snowman", "Snowman Jack" or "Jack Sample Pros" anywhere on it go see it or go buy it. Trust me on that. I'm a professional.

Fatgums (Beatrock Music)
Reps: Los Angeles, CA

Novelists. Bambu. CounterParts Crew. Beatrock Music. A Peaceful Riot. Fatgums ain't new to this. Homie even has a Wikipedia page...How come you haven't heard of him? He's not down for making that watered down bullshit you hear on the radio...that why I know who he is. Find "A Peaceful Riot", his collabo album with Bambu (of Native Guns), the West Coast Buck Taylor (my brother being the other one). Beatrock Music will be bringing more heat to the masses in the years to come. You've been notified.

Kidkanevil (First Word Records)
Reps: Yorkshire, UK

Producer Kidkanevil has been on the scene for a few years now. In 2007, he dropped his album "Problems & Solutions". He followed that effort up with the 2008 release "Back Off Man, I'm A Scientist". Just a few short months ago he dropped the remix album "17 Samurai Kidkanevil Remixed Vol. 1". Check out these links to catch up on his body of work over the past three years to see how he landed on this list.

Willie Evans Jr. (The AB's/Rawkus 50)
Reps: Jacksonville, FL

I need to be backhand slapped across the face for taking this goddamn long to do a feature on Willie Evans Jr. For God's sake, dude produced this. He produced this. He made this. And this. Then this. He even made THIS. Then he does stuff like this. In conclusion, Willie Evans Jr. is a beast with the beats. Stop sleepin' on him. Forever and ever, Amen.

Vanderslice (Low Class Productions)
Reps: Phoenixsville, PA

I've been following Vanderslice's production career closely since about 2006. Back then he was part of this huge ass collective of Hip Hop dudes from PA. He had produced for a gang of local cats & he turned heads nationally with a few of his jawns. Since then he's been getting placement after placement and tearing down the beat battle circuit. He even released a mixtape full of jawns with my boy (and a Producer You Need To Hear Right Now alumnus Stu Bangas) called "Duck & Cover" earlier this year. It's official, he ain't a secret no more. Vanderslice is here, just deal with it.

Rashid Hadee (Chapter 13/A&R)
Reps: Chicago, IL

I was a huge fan of Rashid Hadee's work with Chapter 13 & A&R. The "Change Gon' Come" mixtape got mad burn. I was playing Little Brother's "Getback" LP and I kept playing the jawns "Dreams". Guess who produced it? I heard this track called "Shine" off of Silent Knight's "Hunger Strike" LP. Guess who produced that? My boy Kenny Fresh @ Fresh Selects hit me off with a Finale track called "Run It Back" that wasn't on the album. It was bananas...Guess who produced it? I was presently surprised. I wondered how he'd do if he produced an entire album for another emcee? Then I heard Thaione Davis' "Still Hear". End result? Guess who easily earned a spot on this list? I dug the "808's & Hadee" mixtape as well.

Next up: Douglas Martin, The Kickdrums, Kankick, Entity Starr, Roddy Rod and Ro Blvd


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