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Dart Adams presents 25 More Producers You Need To Hear Right Now (Fall 2009 Edition) Part One

I know that I'm supposed to only do profiles for 50 producers a year but fuck that. I'm gonna go ahead and do 100 this year. I did "25 Producers You Need To Hear Right Now" back in June so I'm doing 25 in September, another 25 in October, then yet another 25 in November. Why do you ask? One, because I CAN. Secondly? Because I feel like it. Third, and most importantly because somebody's gotta do it. I'm also going to make an announcement concerning the future of this particular blog in early October so look out for that. Enough of the bullshit, I present to you all "25 More Producers You Need To Hear Right Now (Fall 2009 Edition)". Enjoy:

It's time to begin again! © Prodigy

Apollo Brown (Beat Fanatic/24 Carat Brown Music)
Reps: Detroit, MI

If you were to ask Apollo Brown he'd tell you that he doesn't produce beats, he produces songs. If by any chance you managed to miss his impressive back catalog of previous work then let me take this time to catch you up to speed real quick. You can check out his free instrumental project "Skilled Trade". There's the 37 track opus now available on iTunes "Make Do". There's the long ass list of production credits full of heat rocks. Don't forget that he's also the winner of the recent Detroit Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle as well. You have no more excuses for sleepin' on him so stop.

Paul White (One Handed Music)
Reps: London, England

The first time I ever heard of Paul White was late 2007. One of the UK peoples was online raving about some piece of vinyl called "The Dragon Fly/A Short Cry". I decided to locate it and give a listen. Fuck. A year later he dropped another 12" called "For You & For Me/We Want It All". Goddamn! I say..goddamn! In April he dropped the "One Eye Open EP". The following month? He released "The Strange Dreams Of Paul White". The next month? He dropped "The Punch Drummer EP". In short, right now you may not know who Paul White is. Once you click those links and take the red pill you won't soon forget. Oh, and by the're welcome.

Dam Funk (Stones Throw)
Reps: Los Angeles, CA

Let's imagine for a second that you live under a rock and have somehow managed to escape the electrofunk fused West coast digital but yet still very analog Soul music that Dam Funk produces. Let's pretend like you never saw any of this many videos on YouTube. Let's say you don't rock with Boogie Funk..."Burgundy City" doesn't move you? "Galactic Fun" did nada for you? Seriously? You must be Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk then! Find "Toeachizown Vols.1-3" and be ready when Vols. 4 & 5 drop. How can you possibly sleep on this?

IMAKEMADBEATS (Strangaz Productions/Blakout/The Transcontinental)
Reps: Brooklyn, NY

Who's IMAKEMADBEATS? Does he make heat rocks? Has ever crafted any bangers that top level emcees just blacked out over before? Has he manged to handle production duties on an entire project that bangs from beginning to end? Wait, he has? How the hell is it possible I slept on this dudes slaps up until now? How come he isn't selling this heat to these major label cats so I stop hearing these garbage ass tracks on the radio? First things first, dude's into merchandising right now....

Paten Locke AKA DJ Therapy (The AB's/ The Smile Rays/Tres Records)
Reps: Jacksonville, FL

I've known about this dude for years. When hometown hero Akrobatik made his debut LP "Balance" guess whose name was in the liner notes under production credits? Later on I heard a classic album from a group called Asamov named "And Now...". Guess whose name was also in the liner notes under production credits? Not only does he produce but he does cuts and can rhyme his ass off. To quote Big Red from the film The Five Heartbeats "What do you DON'T do?".

After showcasing his wide array of talents in The AB's & Smile Rays he's signed a deal with Tres Records and his solo breakthru debut "Super Ramen Rocketship" on the masses October 20th. You'll see soon enough, P. Locke doesn't need all that extra shit. He'll tell you himself "I'm just me!". To that I say "Brava".

Aspect 1 (2000 Now Music/Project Blowed/Pusher Price)
Reps: Los Angeles, CA

How do I best describe Aspect 1's production? What could I say about his slaps that would convince you that you've been missing out on some vital music you need in your life? You already aren't aware that AspecTV is recommended viewing for Hip Hop heads & beat fanatics? Wait, you haven't heard Aspect One's "Vibe Ready" instrumental project yet? You need to get that jawn yesterday! You really need to trust on these things. I'm rarely wrong when it comes to this kinda stuff. Stop sleepin' on dude!

Lex Boogie (Backwoodz Studios/New Clothez Productions)
Reps: Bronx, NY

When I hear Lex Boogie's tracks I wanna go into my closet and find my old BDU's from the Backpack Era (1997-2002), put on some black Timberlands, get an Army jacket, a butterfly knive, a sling backpack, some Sharpies, a blackbook, my iPod with my illest headphones then go out & rack some paint. That's what Lex Boogie's jawns do. If you ever heard any of his beats before you know exactly what I'm talking about. Lex has a gang of upcoming projects, most notably "Lex Boogie In Space" as well as a bunch of joints featuring some of your favorite underground Hip Hop heroes. Did you NOT hear "Guilty Party" yet? Fix that right now and pretend you did already!

Next up: Sabzi, Parallel Thought, DJ Deckstream, Nasa, Brickbeats and M Will The Shogun


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