Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dart Adams presents 25 More Producers You Need To Hear Right Now (Fall 2009 Edition) Part Two

Intros? We off that! Yeah, we back at it! © Beanie Sigel.

Sabzi (Blue Scholars/Common Market)
Reps: Seattle, WA

If you've ever heard a Blue Scholars or Common Market song before then you've heard Sabzi's work before. That includes the highly acclaimed projects "Blue Scholars", "The Long March EP", "Bayani", "Common Market", "Black Patch War EP", "The Winter's End EP" and "Tobacco Road". I first became aware of Sabzi's work back in 2004, since then it seems like he's been everywhere.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard something dope and I thought to myself "Who made this?" just to discover the answer was "Sabzi". After a while you just have to accept that Sabzi is that dude. Dru Ha of Duck Down Records has. Myself and several of my blogging brethren and sisteren have...who says that peer pressure is always a bad thing?


Parallel Thought (Drum & Knowledge)
Reps: Jersey City, NJ

The production team Parallel Thought have been an underground mainstay since the early 00's. I can't tell you how often I heard these dudes kill album after after album. New vinyl 12" after vinyl 12". Artist after artist. You begin to realize that there are no mistakes or coincidences, these dudes are just nice with it. Soon these cats are gonna unleash the Tame One & Del "Parallel Uni-Verses" collabo album on the Hip Hop world at large. Are we even ready for that?



DJ Deckstream
Reps: Tokyo, Japan

The first time time I ever heard of DJ Deckstream it was when I stumbled on a gang of ill remixes of classic Hip Hop tracks. Jam after jam was getting murdered. I discovered that this DJ over in Tokyo was famous for crafting these gems. It would only be a matter of time before he moved on making completely original compositions. First Deckstream dropped his album "Soundtracks", it was very successful featuring several well known & respected emcees and vocalists. He followed it up with the equally well received "Soundtracks 2". He followed that up with "Music Castle", a project where he crafted versions of popular songs (no Mark Ronson). You have no more excuses for knowing about dude anymore. You're welcome!



Nasa (Uncommon Music/The Presence)
Reps: Staten Island, NY

You've never heard of Nasa? Sure you have. No I'm not talking about those two DJ's who make that clusterfuck of club music engineered to make your ears bleed. I'm talking about the real Nasa here. Were you ever a Def Jux fan? Then you know who Nasa is. Have you been listening to any of the high quality Hip Hop coming from Uncommon Music? Then you know who Nasa is. The question I'm asking should actually be "How do you NOT know who Nasa is?"


Brickbeats (Red Giants/Lessondary Crew)
Reps: Cincinnati, OH

Are you a Tanya Morgan fan? Then you love Brickbeats. Seeing as how he's lent a significant amount of production of at least two certified classics albums (at least by my count in "Moonlighting" & "Brooklynati") and provided heat for both Red Giants projects in addition to gems for other cats how can you dispute his talent? Need heat? Holler at Brick Beats. Here's your late pass.


M Will The Shogun (The Wave Club)
Reps: Queens, NY

Hip Hop will be OK. I know we're scared that the youth won't be able to pick up the mantle and keep the culture going but I disagree. You all remember Vohn Beatz, right? Son of an ill producer that has the DNA of musical beast naturally flowing through his veins? M Will The Shogun is no different. My boy Kevin Nottingham put the world on not too long ago. All you need to do is hear his mixtape "A Journey Through Space And Time" or the prequel instrumental project "A Novice's Guide To Space Travel" that may open your eyes.

If not just watch the kid at work in the lab or better yet just listen to the fruits of his labor. Get used to seeing his name, people. He's only going to grow, learn and get better as time passes. Hip Hop ain't dead after all, huh?


Next up: Snowman Jack, Fatgums, Kidkanevil, Willie Evans Jr., Eric Vanderslice and Rashid Hadee



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Thank you thank you, this is Knowledge from Parallel Thought. Im honored that you would include us in this list. Hit me up parallelthought@gmail.com lets build!!