Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dart's Top 50 G.O.A.T. Hip Hop Producers List (As Of March 20th, 2008)

Finishing this one blog entry has been a long and arduous process. I have picked the brains of several of my producer friends (and relatives), combed through my expansive Hip Hop albums collections, used my old school leanings and my wide range of knowledge on Hip Hop and it's producers from 1979 until now to finally come up with this final list that took an extra two days to finish due to it's enormity.

Here it is, yet another "Top 50" *cough!* list from Dart "It's a tie!" Adams. Enjoy it..or don't, I still get credit for it either way starting with the Top 5 Greatest Hip Hop Producers Of All Times (According To Me):

1. Marley Marl

2. DJ Premier

3. Dr. Dre

4. Pete Rock

5. Rick Rubin

6. The Bomb Squad
7. Erick Sermon
8. Large Professor
9. RZA
10. J Dilla
11. DJ Mark The 45 King
12. Ced Gee
13. Easy Mo Bee
14. PMD
15. Hitman Howie Tee/Prince Paul (Stetsasonic/Gravediggaz) (tie)
16. Kurtis Mantronik
17. Orange Krush (Larry Smith)
18. Full Force/Organized Noize (Rico Wade/Sleepy Brown/Ray Murray) (tie)
19. The Ummah/Grand Negaz/Wizards/The Roots (tie)
20. DJ Muggs/Timbaland (tie)
21. DJ Quik
22. The Beatnuts
23. Diamond D
24. Havoc
25. Ski
26. Kurtis Blow
27. Madlib
28. Teddy Riley/Boogie Down Productions (KRS One, Scott LaRock, Kenny Parker, D-Nice)
29. DJ Pooh
30. Showbiz (D.I.T.C.)
31. Lord Finesse (D.I.T.C.)
32. Q Tip/Sir Jinx (tie)
33. Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor
34. MF Doom
35. D-Nice/No I.D. (tie)
36. Trackmasters (Tone & Poke)
37. DJ Scratch/Ali Shaheed Muhammad (tie)
38. Da Beatminerz/Earthtone III (tie)
39. Sam Sever/SD 50's (Dante Ross, John Gamble & Geeby Dajani) (tie)
40. Kanye West/Clark Kent (tie)
41. DJ Eddie F & The Untouchables/Kay Gee (tie)
42. Jermaine Dupri/Minnesota (tie)
43. DJ Battlecat/DJ Shadow/Wyclef Jean & Jerry “Wonder” Duplessis (tie)
44. Ant Banks/The Neptunes (tie)
45. Buckwild/N.O. Joe Bido (tie)
46. Just Blaze/Alchemist/El-P (tie)
47. Dan “The Automator” Nakamura/Rockwilder (tie)
48. Swizz Beatz/The Legendary Traxster (tie)
49. Salaam Remi/Shawn J. Period (tie)
50. E-Swift/Evidence (tie)

Also receiving multiple votes:

Kwame (K-1), True Master, Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind, J-Swift, DJ Paul & Juicy J, Daz Dillinger, T. Ray, Hi Tek, DJ Spinna (Beyond Real/Jigmastas/Polyrythm Addicts), Tony D., 4th Disciple, Ayatollah, Schooly D, Ivan “DJ Doc” Rodriguez, E.Z Elpee, D.R. Period, Godfather Don, Oh No, 9th Wonder, Necro, RJD2, P.F. Cuttin, Rashad “Tumblin’ Dice” Smith, Lord Jamar, Spencer Bellamy, Derric “D.Dot” Angeliette, DJ Honda, Scram Jones, J-Zone, Awesome 2, Solid Scheme, Illmind, Agallah, Jake One, Fredwreck, Khrysis, Mike Heron, Preist “Soopafly” Brooks, LayLaw, 88 Keys, The Creators, The Vinyl Reaminators, DJ Babu, Fat Jon, S.I.D. Reynolds, Beats By The Pound (Mo B. Dick , KLC), DJ Krush, Silver D, LG, Curt Gowdy, Dame Grease, L.E.S., Black Milk, Nick Wiz, DJ Khalil, Necro, Ghetto Pros (Juju & V.I.C.), Oddissee, Tony Dofat, Vance Wright, Kno, DJ Ralph M, Above The Law, Self, DJ Aladdin, Blockhead, Mannie Fresh, Ge-ology, Jay Biz, Nicolay, DJ Cam, KutMasta Kurt, Amen Ra, Del The Funkee Homosapien, Nottz, Charlemagne, Hieroglyphics, Sean Cane (VR), Laze E Laze, Dr. Butcher, DJ Roddy Rod, Kev Brown, DJ Lethal, Wolf & Epic, 4th Pyramid, J. Rawls (Lone Catalysts/3582), Shock G (Digital Underground), Nottz, Lewis Parker, Rob "Reef" Tewlow, Rhyme Syndicate Productions (Afrika Islam & Ice T), Needlz, Buck 65, DJ Vadim, Chops, Exile, Big Black Lincoln, Domingo, Knobody, Arthur Baker, Grand Puba, Dana and Lawrence Goodman (LG The Teacher), Simon Harris, Backspin, Live Squad, Redhead Kingpin, Snupe (Hieroglyphics),Dj Mighty Mi, Chuck Nice, Daddy-O (Stetsasonic), Pumpkin, King Of The Beats, Alliance, King Of Chill and Gary G-Wiz

Please direct any and all praise, hatred, pontification and observations, bitching and whining, shock and awe, pointing out of typographical errors, rants, sermons, sarcasm and sardonic remarks, quips, random statements, free verse and/or haikus, marriage proposals, spam saying I've won yet another foreign lottery, death threats, words of encouragement or abject horror that your favorite producer is ranked too low or not at all in the comment section below. I’ve spent two goddamn weeks on this one blog already. Feel free to link this post all over the vast expanses of the bloggerverse. Thank you all.

Edit: Here is the FINAL VERSION. My bad!



KINGGS said...

Madlib is top ten material, & all these ties pretty much makes this a top 100 & then some. I also think you have a pretty biased ear putting all the loop legends in there.

Anonymous said...



Sounds Recorded said...

Uhhh.... No Prince Paul? Weird.

AaronM said...

I kid, I kid. Good list, Dart. I can get with this.

DocZeus said...

Yeah, I got be like WTF on this list. But Timbo (and for that matter the Neptunes) not over Swizz Beats is damn near egregious.
I can consider Swizzy to be one of the foremost hacks of the genre.

And no, Prince Paul, either...


Anonymous said...

Shit list...

Anonymous said...

the neptunes>kanye

Anonymous said...

D-Nice>Salaam Remi ????

Anonymous said...

Jay Dee????

Number 10??????


Where's James Brown Man???

Anonymous said...

Missing No I.D. from both sections :(

douglas martin said...

primo gets his slam dunk stuffed by marley marl. if anyone, that person should have been dilla.

other than that, no arguments here.

Ray Juss - Brokenhomes said...

A producer list is pretty tough to make, everyone is going to think different things about beat makers. Tim, Swizz and the Neps would of got higher places for me for their determination to keep with their sound

good list anyways

Dart Adams said...

To everyone:

First off, I apologize for quite a few errors that ocurred while I was posting this up. Not only did I post up the wrong list (I had two more after I had to reorder the list and cut and paste some names to move them around). Those names were:

Prince Paul (Stetsasonic/Gravediggaz)
Organized Noize (Rico Wade/Sleepy Brown/Ray Murray)
No I.D.
Kurtis Blow (was reordered to his own spot)
D-Nice (he was in the list as a part of BDP but one of the last minute arguments was that he deserved his own spot)
Kwame (K-1) (got moved down and out of the Top 50)
True Master (got moved out of the Top 50)

When those spots got cleared and I moved some people up and some people down I saved it on my G3 but due to a huge cut and paste right before my final save before I e-mailed it from my shitbox G3 to my G5 via gmail. I posted up a fucked up list and put links up to it everywhere.

If it wasn't March Madness and I didn't check on my brackets and then check Okayplayer I never would've caught any of the clerical errors. This is why my entire week of posts have been backed up, because I didn't wanna post up a fucked up list full of omissions and clerical errors. I did anyway trying to watch USC/Kansas St and the Celtics/Mavs games. My bad, that shit looked hella amateur.


Anonymous said...

wheres Nerco???

Dart Adams said...

In the "received multiple votes" category list. It says here that he got 8 total votes. I put him in my Top 68 but that was about it.


Anonymous said...

daz dillinger isnt in ur top 20 = list fails

dogg food one of the best albums of all time was all produced by this genius

2 of americkaz most wanted track, one of the best beats was produced by daz

Dart Adams said...

@ Anonymous:

Now list every great song or album Daz has produced since 2001.

I hear nothing.


Anonymous said...

J dilla and preimire should be at teh top

Anonymous said...

It is certainly interesting for me to read this blog. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Where's Larry Smith?i may have overlooked it but he should be more prominent.All those early Run-Dmc and Whodini tracks.And Pumpkin should also be higher.all the early hip hop tracks for sugarhill.those 2 basically created the commercial lane that hip hop enjoys today.Please!!!