Monday, March 10, 2008

Dart Adams presents 25 Producers On MySpace That You Need To Hear Right Now (2008 Edition)

It’s that time of year when I make my MySpace Producers List again. Last year’s list consisted of some cats that people had heard of and some that accrued some major credits after my list came out like WMS The Sultan (Joe Budden) and Young Cee (Special Teamz) for example.

I ended up getting e-mails and MySpace messages about being on the next list like crazy and my posts were even linked by After sifting through close to 350 applicants and referrals I came up with my initial list of 50. After I posted up the complete list back in early October, the MySpace requests and e-mails started coming in like crazy.

After sorting through more than 200 candidates, I decided on these 25 producers and I’m posting up their profiles 5 at a time every day of the week. On Saturday, I’ll post all 25 links in one one shot, feature them in my Top 40 on my MySpace page on begin taking candidates for the next list in September. Well here it is, the first of five posts coming this week. Enjoy:

Boon Doc
Reps: Denver, CO

If you’ve ever seen any of his YouTube videos where he’s making beats from scratch then you’ll know that Boonie Mayfield is a beast. If you check out his MySpace page you’ll hear his beats. He’s also an active member of several beat sites, especially Rockwilder’s His videos have also made the rounds on a few notable blogs as well recently. Go check out his joints here:

Frequency (Notherground Music)
Reps: Rockville Centre, NY

What do Wordsworth, Tonedeff, 6th Sense, El Da Sensei, EMC, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Cam’Ron and Snoop Dogg all have in common? They’ve all copped beats from Frequency. He is currently a member of Notherground Music along with 6th Sense and Wildabeast and one of the many acts under the Rawkus 50 umbrella. Now check out his MySpace page to hear his joints:

00Genesis (Beatnick Squad)
Reps: Somewhere in MD

00Genesis makes some completely off the wall shit that beatheads that world over check for since he first appeared on the networking site back in the Summer of 2006. As one of the UpMyAlley/Rush Hour Records Beatnick Squad, 00Genesis has appeared on the compilations “Beatnicks Vols. 1 & 2” and done several notable remixes. Get yourself familiar right now:

IroQ (IroQ & Jon D.O.E/Culprit Records)
Reps: Cambridge, MA

IroQ has been a one of the elite producers in the New England area for 10 years now. Ever since the seminal mixtape ”The Product” began making the rounds in in Walkmans and Discmans all throughout Boston and Cambridge (what up, Bad Guy!) in 1998. IroQ and Jon D.O.E. now head up Culprit Records.

IroQ has blessed local talent with heat for years as well as making the classic tracks “I Believe” and “Grandma’s Hands” that drew them attention from major labels. IroQ is currently behind the boards on the projects “My Brother’s Keeper”, “The Uprising” and the current mixtape “Welcome To Crimebridge”. Take time to get familiar with his work below:

Reps: Houston, TX

The ARE has been around since the early 90’s and as part of the crew K-Otix he produced the modern classic “Universal” LP. Since K-Otix dissolved, The ARE has produced tracks for Lil’ Kim, Masta Ace, Punch & Words, Stricklin, Zion I, Lone Catalysts, 7L & Esoteric and MED.

He’s recently become half of Together Brothers with Kay of The Foundation (of Nicolay & Kay fame) and he’s put out several projects such as “The ARE featuring Dem Damb Jacksons”, the “Still Climbing EP” and his A Tribe Called Quest remix album “Manipulated Marauders”.

His joints have taken residence in my iPod for a long ass time and his material is available for download and or purchase on his MySpace or Check it out, y’all:

Part 2 coming tomorrow afternoon.


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