Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dart Adams presents Another Goddamn List AKA 5 New On The Radar

Anyone that reads this blog regularly knows that while I love Hip Hop, I like different kinds of music and I’m up on all types of shit. Here’s a list of five groups or artists that you may or may not be up on. Here we go:

Santogold is none other than Santi White, best known as the writer/arranger of Res’ classic album “How I Do” and the former frontwoman of the band Stiffed (some of you may also remember the magazine article where she went out on a date with Talib Kweli). She’s gone solo and now she’s down with the clique that consists of M.I.A, Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, and a few other heads (Bangers N’ Cash). Her production is currently handled by Diplo and Switch and her songs “L.E.S. Artistes”, “Find A Way” and “Creator” have music fans anticipating the full length. Check her out here:


Idle Warship
Idle Warship consists of underground hero Talib Kweli and the aforementioned songstress Res. Talib and Res have been friends for years and she’s been under the Blacksmith flag for a while so the combination of the two isn’t a surprise. Not only does Res sing but she rhymes as well which IS a surprise and the new song “Screamin’” featuring MC Chris (Nerdcore pioneer and Aqua Teen Hunger Force featured guest) came completely out of left field. What will they do next and when is the LP coming? Get updates here:


If you’re not familiar with Flying Lotus or their previous releases “1983” or last years way too short “Reset EP” then you need to get familiar with those first. Meanwhile, check out their new project. They have a vocalist named Ahu and when you add Flying Lotus production to her vocals now you have Dolly. If you like that next shit then you’ll enjoy this:


Little Dragon
I found out about this group in a roundabout way. I have subscribed to I think 250 different MySpace pages and one of them belongs to Ge-ology, well known underground producer of Hip Hop and R&B. On his page he has some tracks up from his upcoming project “Specialty Selections” (if you run across the sampler anywhere, cop it!) and the vocalist on those tracks is named Yukimi Nagano and she kills it.
I couldn’t find her in Ge-ology’s Top 40 so I did a Google search and found out that she’s in a group based out of Sweden called Little Dragon. I found their MySpace page and I’ve rockin’ their joints ever since. Check ‘em out here:


After The Smoke
I have family in Florida (What up Eyeznpowa and Duhknocka! Hey Dirk, Jasmine and Isis!) and I often run across groups from there through them. Buc and I ended up running across this group out of Tallahassee called After The Smoke that are on some ol’ next shit. They feature a producer (Speek), a few emcees (Essay Real, Whuzi & Joey+) and a female vocalist (Carmen). Their music is Hip Hop with an obvious wide range of influences. Check these cats out and remember I put you on to them first:



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