Tuesday, March 25, 2008

IMDb Ain't Ready For Me AKA Dartflix Edition #33

I have about 25 different films that I'd like to post up trailers for or mention because they're about to be released. Problem is that IMDb for whatever has completely dropped the bell and has little to no information on them. Films like "Choke" or "The Brothers Bloom" are on my radar but apparently IMDb, "Earth's biggest movie database" is hella slow to add info or  even update the release dates on the Now Playing section. It's so behind that I don't even think it even shows films coming out in May!

I shouldn't be ahead of IMDb so I may scale these back until I actually can go to the this site and get information for films that are coming out at least 3 or 4 months in the future. That way I can have at least 5 new trailers up for each post. If my Dartflix posts are going to have any other changes I'll let you all know but I may one do one of these next month to let IMDb catch up for blockbuster summer film season. These cats don't even have the movie posters on the pages yet.

Since it's backed up and the Apple movies page hasn't added enough new joints this will be another trailerless Dartflix entry. I did do a new A Tale Of Ten Trailers last week so check it out here. Now, on to the movie stuff:

Films I recommend to add to your queue early or for rental from either Netflix or Redbox:

Bonnie And Clyde: Special Edition
Civic Duty
No End In Sight
The Mist
Bionic Woman-Volume One
Love In The Time Of Cholera
Snow Angels
Funny Games
Paranoid Park
Drillbit Taylor
The Bank Job
Into The Wild
Jimmy Carter: Man From Plains
Crazy Eights
Lake Dead
Nightmare Man
Mulberry St.
Tooth And Nail
The Deaths Of Ian Stone
The Ice Storm (Criterion Collection)
Things We Lost In The Fire
Violent City
The Kill Point (series)
The Rage
Automaton Transfusion
Blood+ Part One (anime)
Dogma (Blu-Ray)
The Mod Squad-Season 1
Eight Men Out (20th Anniversary Edition)
Bull Durham (20th Anniversary Edition)
My Kid Could Paint That
Human Giant-The Complete First Season
August Rush
Michael Clayton
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising
I Am Legend
Southland Tales
Them (AKA Ils)
Shogun Assassin Volume 4: Five Fistfuls Of Gold
Tin Man
Justice League: The New Frontier
Battlestar Galactica: Season Three
Gattaca (Special Edition)
Dan In Real Life
Congo Square: Wynton Marsalis & JALC Orchestra
Radiant City
Mike Douglas-Moments & Memories
Cult Fiction series: The Man Who Fell To Earth, The Wicker Man & C.H.U.D.
Appleseed: Ex Machina (anime)
The Magic Blade
Five Days (series)
The Sickhouse
Lil’ Bush-Resident Of The United States-Season One
Bobby Deerfield
Lake Of Fire
G.I. Jesus
Wristcutters: A Love Story
Lost Highway
Poor Boy’s Game
Michael Clayton
13: Game Of Death
The Catherine Tate Show: The Complete Second Series
Strange Culture
You Move You Die
Kill Your Darlings
First Snow
The Upright Citizens Brigade: Asssscat!
PTU: Police Tactical Unit
Extraordinary Rendition

Dart’s Picks:

I Am Legend-This was a well written and well acted adaptation of the book although you can tell they wanted to go deeper with the story. Excellent movie (the alternate ending sucks).

Southland Tales-Read the graphic novel and watch it several times to catch all of the stuff you missed the first time you saw it. Not for everyone.

Revolver-Why this movie took so goddamn long to get to America is beyond me. Rent and/or buy this DVD.

Bonnie And Clyde-This is one of the most influential films ever made. It even inspired Asian filmmakers to heighten the drama of their films action sequences. Classic flick.

WTF? Awards?Watch This Bullshit At Your Own Risk:

Superhero Movie-Seriously...you can stop making movie spoofs now. They haven't been funny since Scary Movie 2.

BET Hip Hop Awards-I'd rather be reading a book...and smiling.

Never Back Down-Never pay money to see movies like this.

Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation-Ain't no way in hell this movies rights should have been sold to make a sequel/franchise.

Coming Soon To A Theater (Or Computer) Near You:


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