Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dart Adams presents 25 Producers On MySpace That You Need To Hear Right Now (2008 Edition) Part Two

And we're back! Let's jump right into the action, shall we?:

Eric Lau (Definition Music)
Reps: London, England (UK)

Who’s Eric Lau? Maybe you saw him at Stones Throw J Dilla Tribute back in 2006. Maybe you heard some of his production work for Lupe Fiasco, Wild Child or Tanya Morgan? Perhaps you heard his album “Eric Lau presents Dudley and Friends” featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow? Maybe you heard his Guilty Simpson track “For The D” on DJ Rhettmatic’s “Stray Bullets” mixtape?

Did you ever catch any of his appearances on the air or live in the UK? No, you say? Well then don’t sleep on his Ubiquity LP “New Territories” featuring his stable of talented artists from his Definition Music stable dropping next Tuesday. Listennn! © Raphael De La Ghetto:


J Hunt (Smokehouse Productions)
Reps: Boston, MA

J Hunt has been a fixture in the New England Hip Hop and Urban music scene for years now, working with the majority of the area’s heavy hitters and acts that gain national attention through Smokehouse Productions. His tracks give acts the sound that makes A&R’s and label executives take notice of.

Not only is J Hunt a super producer of everything from hardcore street records to R&B, but he’s an engineer, DJ, graphic designer, has a photography and print service and  he's a tireless worker. J Hunt has long been one of the worst kept secrets coming outta Boston, now it’s time to let the entire world know about him:


Laid Back (School Of Beats)
Reps: Wilmington, DE

As one of the beat makers for the Hip Hop collective School Of Beats, Laid Back’s job is simple: provide the heat for a group of hungry emcees to spit fire over. Laid Back and his partners never fail to live up to their job description. If you slept on the School OF Beats first release “Lesson 1: Orientation” I can’t fault you that much since it mostly only made the rounds on the campus of Howard University and the surrounding areas. If you miised out on “Lesson 2: Validation” you get a pass as well, although their fanbase began to spread outside of the tri state area.

However, with the School Of Beats new smash release “Lesson 3: The Progress Report”, ain’t no mistakes allowed. These cats provide excellent sonic soundscapes and a crew a thirsty young emcees kill it track after track. Be prepared to hear the name of this crew “School Of Beats” for years to come and look out for the name Laid Back to appear in credits in the near future...by the way, the future is now:


Spier 1200 (Finale & Spier 1200)
Reps: Tokyo, JP (Japan)

Spier 1200 had blessed Oktober, Ace Lover and L.I.F.E. Long with heat for years while they were recording with the indie label Cajo Communications. His most notable work appeared on several popular indie 12”s and on 2 For 5’s (Ace Lover & Oktober) “Broke Minds Think Alike” LP, “Cajo Communications pesent: L.I.F.E. Long” and L.I.F.E. Long’s “Struggler’s Paradise”.

In addition to producing several tracks and collaborating with several of the top Hip Hop and R&B acts in Japan, Spier has released a series of mixtapes that highlighted his mixing, production and DJ abilities. Recently, Spier has moved to Detroit and released one of the most slept on albums of early 2008 along with Detroit flamethrower Finale called “Finale & Spier 1200 present: Develop”.

The project features Finale, Invincible, Elzhi, Supastition and Wordsworth all spittin’ over Spier 1200’s ridiculous production. “Develop” is available through Rawkus/SoulSpazm Records and they are currently under the Rawkus 50 artist umbrella. Stop sleepin’ on dude!


Jneiro Jarel (Shape Of Broad Minds/Willie Isz)
Reps: Brooklyn, NY/Philadelphia, PA

Some know him as JJ, others know him as Dr. Who Dat? but the man known as Jneiro Jarel is ill by any name or alias he chooses to record under. He’s appeared on several releases under the Lex Records label and his discography consists of “Three Piece Puzzle”, “Beat Journey”, the “Blue Experience EP”, his Shape Of Broad Minds LP “Craft Of The Lost Art” and a gang of production work and Japan only releases.

Some of you might have heard him on Omega Watts critically acclaimed “Watts Happening” LP (“Eyes & Ears”) or heard that Vinia Mojica he produced a couple of years ago floating around on the internet and wondered who produced it. The next big project coming up called “Willie Isz” and it’s a collaborative effort between Jneiro Jarel and Khujo Goodie. Now you have the opportunity to be ahead of the curve, check his joints out here:


10 down, 15 more to go...next installment up Wednesday afternoon.


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Spaiseone said...

i jus got a hold of the Eric Lau album New Territories. Wow, its on some neo soul type shit. Real nice. Hope you have had a chance to check out this cat Metaform. Dude's album Standing on the Shoulders of Giants is bomb. Here's a myspace fansite for dude, show em some love http://us.profile.myspace.cn/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=1000935589