Sunday, March 9, 2008

Poisonous Paragraphs' 2007 List: 50 Producers On MySpace That You Need To Hear Right Now Roll Call (All 50 links)

1. Medi-Cal (Undersea Fam)

2. J. Cardim (Respect And Power)

3. Session (Ghetto Radio Productions/Acuta Records)

4. Danny Swain (Def Jux)

5. Da Goldminerz

6. Young Cee

7. 76

8. StU Bangas (Guns N Butter)

9. High Priest (Grandmassive) (World Wide Incident Productions)

10. Fantastic Mr. Fox (Origami Sounds)

11. Sound Scientists

12. Paul Mac Innes

13. Paycheck Stubbz (Fresh Produce/Gutterscum Fam)

14. A.C. Layne (TE1 Productions)

15. Cyrus Tha Great

16. Hasan Insane

17. Zam 1

18. Mr. Koichi (Plan B)

19. Arts The Beatdoctor

20. LB (Imperfekt Musik)

21. Cris Prolific (Kemit Sources)

22. Noel Zancanella

23. Devious (Broken Family)

24. Afra Behn

25. Golden Beat Era

26. Big Willie Green

27. Cadence (Raw Produce)

28. BinGrim Productions

29. Intrinsic Beats

30. Neil Nots (Wreck Shop Movement/Crate Invaders)

31. Clutch Player

32. Hellsenda Productions (Hellfire Club Inc.)

33. Dante Lewis

34. Seoul Avenger

35. WMS Productions

36. Neomatrix AKA DJ Liphted

37. Kas One (Undersea Fam)

38. G Rocka (Undersea Fam)

39. Decap Beats

40. Nelly Protools (Scratchismz Crew)

41. DC The Midi Alien (Trapjaw Affiliates)

42. M-Phazes

43. Antagon1st AKA Aisharp (Loose Notes/It Bees Like That Entertainment)

44. Beat Butcha (Halal Beats)

45. Scotty B (A1! Entertainment)

46. Sound Prophets

47. Illa J

48. Roeg Du Casq

49. Reasonance

50. Blakmaul Beats

Congratulations to all of the producers who made the list. I’ll be doing another one of the in March 2008 so get your beats up and add me as a friend @ to be considered for the list next year (2008) or post links to potential nominees in my comments section. If you want to have a better chance of standing out among the sea of wack shit:

Put nothing but your hottest shit on your page consistently (to draw repeat visits) and try to change the beats at least once a month. Add Bodog on MySpace and get a fifth song free. If you got MAD heat then use a flash player and provide links to another website with even more joints. Always put your best foot forward and try to have more than just two joints playing (unless they're monsters, of course) on your page. You may not be able to afford to have a professional MySpace page but at least you can stand out by having the tracks be undeniable.

Feel free to contact any of the producers above and buy tracks from them, please don't ask for free makes Black Baby Jesus cry. Support real Hip Hop...To all of those kids selling beats for $25 dollar exclusive on FutureProducers and BeatTrader just know that you're fuckin' the entire game up. Value your work enough to get paid a fair amount for it and make sure that that song doesn't become a hit but you sold it away for $25 and no chance to get future monies for your own beat because you signed it away like a dumbass.

Edit: It's about that time! Look for the first 25 winners of my 2008 honor all this week.


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