Friday, March 14, 2008

Dart Adams presents 25 Producers On MySpace That You Need To Hear Right Now (2008 Edition) Part Five

Party's over tell the rest of the crew!:

Arafat Yates (M1 Platoon)
Reps: Washington, DC

Arafat Yates is the producer of the up and coming Hip Hop collective known as the M1 Platoon and “Tha M1 Invasion Mixtape” is their introduction to the game. Yates showcases his ability to manipulate, chop and create gems with his trusty Roland SP 404 on tracks like “Pizza Beat” and “Tiro Cruzado”. While on his MySpace, you can preview two tracks from his forthcoming “American Cakester” remix album. If you haven’t yet downloaded the M1 Platoon’s mixtape then do so and please remember: Yates gets tha cakes!:

DJ Mitsu The Beats (Jazzy Sport, Gagle)
Reps: Sendai, JP (Japan)

I’m in shock at how long some folks have managed to sleep on this cat. He’s regarded as one of the greatest DJ’s on the planet, tearing shit down set after set while trotting the globe. He’s a producer and DJ in a popular Japanese Hip Hop crew called Gagle and he’s done production and made remixes for artists as diverse as Sa Ra Creative Partners to Little Brother.

However, what DJ Mitsu The Beats is most well known for are his instrumental projects and DJ mixes. His impressive catalog includes the following projects, the seminal “DJ Mitsu The Beats EP”, “New Awakening”, “Extra Fee”, “The Excellence” compilation, the rare grooves mix “28 Roses”, and last years’ excellent follow ups “Another Roses” and “One More Roses” all available through the Jazzy Sport label. Go check out DJ Mitsu The Beats MySpace page and get familiar:

Js (Capitaine Soldat)
Reps: Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

He has no releases and no other production credits that I can find anywhere. I’m not even sure if his MySpace account name is his actual stage name or if he’s part of a group or not. There is a YouTube video for a song called “Le Debut” and you run across the names John Bastien and what I assume is either a group name or an alias, Capitaine Soldat. All that said, he keeps putting up heat on his MySpace page so check it out for yourselves here:

Reps: Brookyln, NY

Algorythm is a slept on producer who has previously made joints for Natruel and Substantial, ultimately contributing 5 tracks to his excellent “Sacrifice” LP. Al received some exposure through a 2006 YouTube video in which he demonstrated his production process, equipment and techniques. Hurry up and check out his MySpace before he ultimately erases it in favor of his new website/blog. While you’re there, don’t forget to cop his new project “Kicks And Snares Vol. 1”.

Damu The Fudgemunk (Y Society)
Reps: Washington, DC

Damu The Fudgemunk was the dude doing the cuts on Panacea’s “Ink Is My Drink” LP but he first stepped into the spotlight through his YouTube channel videos that led up to the release of one of the best albums of 2007, Y Society (Insight and Damu)’s “Travel At Your Own Pace” which Damu produced in it's entireity. Damu also released the ridicuosly ill instrumental project “Spare Time” that received wide critical acclaim from both music publications and Hip Hop blogs. Heads worldwide are patiently waiting for his next project to drop.

Go check out his MySpace page, YouTube videos and his forthcoming website here:

The full recap with all 25 producer links is coming tomorrow afternoon and “What’s New In Dart’s iPod #23” will go up sometime during Sunday.

Thanks for coming out, God bless you and good night! © Russell Simmons



What It Is said...

you're fucking ridiculous dude.
time to spend some time on myspace. Have you checked those Mitsu "roses" mixes?

Dart Adams said...

@ What It Is:

Yes. Yes I have. E-mail me for further info.


Anonymous said...

ay man i really appreciate u puttin me up here.....

Dart Adams said...

@ Arafat Yates:

I really appreciated what you and your crew did on the M1 Invasion Mixtape. Keep it up, fam.