Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This Week...AKA The Darty Version

I'm well aware that a lot of things have jumped off recently that would incite most Hip Hop bloggers to post stuff up on their blogs, but for me? Not so much. I don't give a goddamn when Foxy Brown gets out of solitary confinement, detox, the insane asylum, etc. I don't care to get play by plays from the courthouse about how long Prodigy of Mobb Deep is going in for. I don't care about any mixtape, collaboration or new single made by T Pain, Flo Rida, Plies, Bohagon, Young Jeezy, Hurricane Chris or insert a random ignorant ass rappers name here. I'm not interested in someone whose album was gonna suck anyways being pushed back by their labels for the twentieth time. I don't care who 50 Cent signs or disses and until Aftermath/Interscope actually releases an album I won't waste any time writing about anyone on their roster.

Not only that, but as much as I love Nas and Jay-Z, I do not feel like posting anything about them. There isn't one entertainment blog that wouldn't beat me out it and what could I add to the situation that would put a different spin on it that 100 other blogs couldn't? Not a goddamn thing! I could've written a whole bunch about the Celtics and Patriots recently but why should I when it'll just result in a post I spent 3 hours writing that no one but me will probably read anyways (as of the posting of this blog the Patriots are 11-0 and the Celtics are 11-1)?

The reason this blog has been able to run for so long and I've been able to update it so often is because I'm allowed to write about whatever the hell I feel like whenever I feel like. I don't have any constraints on what subjects to write about or who I should write about (often much to the dismay of the reader). If I feel like making a long ass rant about how in movies whenever a Black man is the president or in charge of everything, that's when the shit hits the fan and/or it's about to be Armageddon then I can with no problem (I actually had a blog about that ready to go before my laptop died on me). I got to write about things that actually moved me enough to write, things that interest me (and occassionally other people). I would post about shit that I damn well knew would get NO comments or links in OhWord.com because I had to be true to myself first of all.

If I feel like writing about comic books, I go ahead and do it. If I want to diss the shit out of BET (and edit it down so that people will actually read it all), I can without fear of reprisal from anyone. If I don't like an album I can say so freely because I have no corporate ties and no one's paying me shit (literally). I just spent an entire month focusing on film (and my Technorati Authority number dropped from 78 to 63 because of it)...this IS a Hip Hop blog, mind you. It's just that there are few things I can do in regards to Hip Hop that many of my blogging brethren aren't already doing an amazing job of. I'm not going to be doing any beat deconstructions or interviews with great artists of the past or posting up ill breakbeat mixes and rare mp3's because all of that is covered. I just do my thing and stay in my lane.

I also am hamstrung by the fact that I can't just drag a laptop around anywhere and and bang shit out about different elements of Hip Hop culture anytime inspiration strikes me like before. This is the reason that the quality of writing on this blog has dipped so severely over the past month and a half, because I don't have the time to construct posts like I did in the earlier run of this blog's life. I have just received a shitload of new advances and promos and it kills me that I won't be able to go into detail about the highs and lows of the new Wu Tang Clan album or about how surprised I was by Wyclef's new joint. As of now, I probably have less than 30 minutes to even type this together at the last minute and post it.

This blog may not even be coherent to the extent I'd like it to be (beggars can't be choosers),while it might be but due to limited time I doubt I'll even get across the desired point to the reader. Hip Hop isn't just one monolithic thing, it has been influenced by and influenced many aspects of everyday life. Growing up with it and being a contributor/fan of it has made me see things of varying natures in a completely different light. Even when I'm writing about an old cartoon from the 80's I'm doing it from the mindset of a kid who was throwing down to a Mantronix instrumental at that time.

Finally, to all of those readers that e-mail me questions and send me MySpace messages wondering why I haven't been posting blogs with the same quality I used to, I hope you understand. Shit happens and until I get it straightened out this is the best I can do...Sorry, people.



Travis said...

Preach on Brother Dart, as far as writing goes, no one is touching you...

What It Is said...

word on that. Plus you posted this at 420. That's hip hop right there. Did you collect all of the marvel universe joints and make the poster? I was also all excited because I had a Wyclef link for you. Anyway dude. The shit is real and not in the pseudo "keep it real" sense either. Fuck Kris. You are Hip-Hop.

rafi said...

You can do anything. You can say anything you want. You can even hold two pieces of doodoo in your hand. This post is totally Delacratic.

I think links from my site, technorati rankings (links from any site) and even traffic itself are all lousy, fairly useless metrics. They're hard to call accurately and even when accurate don't really measure what matters - unless your goal is a bunch of requests on your server (traffic) or a bunch of seldom-used links (technorati rank). You're right to do your own thing but you already know this.

And if you weren't writing about movies last month, I wouldn't have found out that I still can watch 80 blocks from Tiffanys online even though it was pulled down off youtube. I still haven't gotten around to it but I'm planning to when I have some time and I have your film digressions to thank.

Aaron said...

"If I want to diss the shit out of BET (and edit it down so that people will actually read it all"


im not really too sure what this post is about but dont stress this blog ish.

i still don't even know what technorati is for. is it myspace/facebook for nerds?

Unknown said...

Its fine bro, just handle your business.