Monday, November 19, 2007

What’s New In Dart’s iPod #14 AKA Pick Six

I was overloaded with mad new music promos and while I was doing that Top 100 Favorite Cult Films list I didn’t have a chance to post my reviews and recommendations last week. Today I have the following releases for you to peep. Freeway’s “Free At Last”, Guilty Simpson’s “Stray Bullets” mixtape, Cormega’s soundtrack to his new DVD “Who Am I?”, Large Professor’s new instrumental album “Beatz Volume 2” and one of the producers I picked in my 50 Producers You Need To Hear On MySpace Right Now List’s new project Stu Bangas “Stu Bangas Volume 1”. Let me first explain how my patented “Cop It Or Not” ratings system works below:

Oh No! This CD is a drink coaster/table balancer/doorstop/gerbil/hamster room divider/frisbee/discus/makeshift shield/last ditch choice for a visor/alternate shuriken choice. Sell this shit to whoever is dumb enough to buy it from you.

Maeby (Maybe)! Depending on your own set of personal preferences you might like this joint. Give it a listen first to see if it's in your lane or not.

Mos Def! Cop the album when it drops...'Nuff said.

This ain’t my full potential, I’m only using 10% of my mental...© Talib Kweli

First up is Freeway’s “Free At Last”. We’ve been waiting four years for a new album from him and we’ve all speculated on his working with 50 Cent while being sign to the Roc and his back and forth beef with Just Blaze. Let’s let the music speak on behalf of Philadelphia’s Freeway. Here’s my verdict below:

Best Joints: “It’s Over”, “Still Got Love”, “When They Remember”, “Reppin’ The Streets”, “Free At Last”, “Baby Don’t Do It (Scarface is a beast!)”, “Nuttin’ On Me”, “Walk Wit Me (Busta and Jadakiss? Say word!)”

Hot Garbage: “Take It To The Top (Dammit 50!)”. Cop this joint immediately!

Next up is the Guilty Simpson mixtape done by legendary Beat Junkie DJ Rhettmatic. Will he let the songs rock or blend relentlessly? Either way, stay tuned for Guilty’s “Ode To The Ghetto” project and his collaboration project with Black Milk and Sean Price. My findings are directly below:

Best Joints: “For The D”, “Beast”, “Supreme Beings”, “Look Out Below”, “Inner Circle”, “Professionals”, “Squeez EZ”, “Get ‘Em”, “La La”, “Roll Call”, “Man’s World”

Hot Garbage: N/A (I just wish I could’ve heard more full songs instead of just 2 minutes of some scratched up joints and a 15 minute megamix. I guess the Caltroit joint just spolied me on this one otherwise it would’ve got a mos def. If you can get it for cheap then do so..or just wait for the album.)

The third offering of the day is the long anticipated soundtrack to the new Cormega DVD “Who Am I?”. Keep in mind that of the 14 songs collected on this soundtrack, Cormega only appears on 8 of them. My fianl decision on this soundtrack is:

Best Joints: “718 (Fizzy Womack!)”, “Use Mad Clips (Styles P!)”, “Lookin’ At It”, “Who Am I (AZ & Nature!)”, “What Mobsters Do”, “Time (Ransom over the Billy Idol classic “Eyes Without A Face” beat)”. “The Rap Up (Little Brother!)”, “Live From The Caves (BANGER!)” and “King Me (Agallah The Don Bishop)”

Hot Garbage: N/A (I though Mega would be on more tracks, hence the recommended maybe. Cop the DVD, though.)

Next in line is Large Professor’s new instrumental project “Beatz Volume 2”. The last one ended up in my iPod Nano for about 6 straight months, let’s see if the Live Guy with glasses new joint lives up to his last effort. The jury has reached it’s decision:

Best Joints: “Millenium”, “Xtra P For President”, “Slickmoney”, “We Have A Winner”, “Mathematics”, “Skyline Pool”, “Don’t Change”, “Shotz Fired”, “The Highest”, “NY At Night”, “Good In The Hood”, “A Caint Stop”, “Oh Winz”, “Third Guitar”, We Pro Gress”, “Hood In The USA”.

Hot Garbage: N/A (There weer two tracks that I liked the least out of them all but nothing near appraoching wackness. Cop this shit!)

My boy Stu Bangas has a new project out hosted by none other than Statik Selektah himself. He’s nice behind the boards and he’s enlisted the aid of A listers like Ras Kass, Blaq Poet, Krumbsnatcha, Reef The Lost Cauze, Jaysaun, Slaine, Termanology and Skyzoo. Local famethrowers Jake The Snake, NBS and Bad Newz also make appearances. My final decision is below:

Best Joints: “King Of The Jungle”, “Heavy Metal”, “Hiroshima”, “Two Guns, Two Bodies”, “Reel Story”, “Drugs”, “Bangmatic”, “SNZA”, “Smash The Streets”, “Bright City Lights”, “Get Low”, “Zoo N Reef”

Hot Garbage: N/A (If you’re looking for some hardcore street shit with hard beats for those long iron horse or car rides this cold winter then look no further...Cop It! )

Late Pass:

My boy Rideout from the D (Detroit for the slow) has released a mixtape of all of his best joints plus some new heat he just cheffed up in the lab for this project. This mixtape is ridiculous from beginning to end and clocking in at a full 80 minutes it’s well worth the $5 PayPal. Check out the ridiculous lineup of guest appearances, preview some tracks and cop it directly from my boy here:

What albums I’m most looking forward to reviewing when they leak...I mean drop in the near future:

My focus is like a whirlwind of words and syllables..© Vandalyzm


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