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Dart’s Next 20 Favorite Cult Films Of The Internet Age (1996-) 73-92

I’m at the homestretch, people. Just one more short post to go after this one and this whole list is over with. Let’s just launch into it, shall we?:

From Dusk Til Dawn (1996)Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino collaborate for the first time since the cult hits “Desperado” and “Four Rooms” to make the heavily influential “From Dusk Til Dawn” less than a year at least 10 Hip Hop videos use the same premise. Classic material featuring George Clooney, Salma Hayek, Julliette Lewis and Harvey Keitel.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)I really don’t have to try to build a case for this one. I wasn’t surprised when Jay Electronica rhymed over the music from this film , either.

Confidence (2003)A team of con men and grifters try to pull off a big job and get revenge for one of their fallen comrades. All hell breaks loose when they recruit a girl to become bait for the big job. A great caper movie.

The Chronicles Of Riddick (2004)While it underperformed at the box office and received some mixed reviews, “Riddick” became one of the biggest cult sci fi flicks of the 00’s. It completely eclipsed the film that it was a sequel of (Pitch Black).

The Cooler (2003)William H. Macy is known as one of the greatest character actors of this era. In this film, he steps to the forefront as the lead. He’s a man with such rotten luck that he’s hired by a casino to go over and cool down rollers on hot streaks. I’m not going to spoil the film for you, but a lot more jumps off. Definitely a must see.

American Psycho (2000)I couldn’t make the list without including this one. The film adaptation of the popular novel carved it’s own niche in the culture of cult films.

London (2005)This character driven, dialogue heavy film stars some of the most ridiculous girls in Hollywood and it did the gave me the idea the Chris Evans may actually be able to act. Aside from a lot of liquor consumption and cocaine use there are some great performances from Jessica Biel, Chris Evans, Joy Bryant and Jason Statham (who doesn’t have to roundhouse kick people and drive for a change). Hunter Richards impresses with his first feature as a writer/director.

Essex Boys (2000)Terry Winsor’s “Essex Boys” is easily one of the most slept on crime dramas/caper films of the 00’s. Alex Kingston is once again the MILF/object of desire just like she was in “Croupier”. If you’ve never seen it, Netflix it immediately.

Harsh Times (2005)This film was unjustly delayed for a year because the main character in it applied for a job with the Department Of Home Security and wasn’t a solid citizen but they hired him anyways in the film. The movie was also marketed like the main characters were two crooked cops when neither of them were with the police force. The trailers and movie posters gave the potential audience mixed messages and in the end no one saw it in theaters. It’s a compelling tale of a man who grows up in a violent environment, gets sent to a violent environment and when he gets home he can’t adjust to life as a civilian. You never would’ve gleaned THAT from the poster, huh? Excellent first feature by writer/director David Ayer.

Go (1999)This cult classic boasts a great ensemble cast, a great script and the director of the classic film “Swingers”. Director Doug Liman went on to direct “The Bourne Identity”, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and the soon to be released “Jumper” as well.

Better Luck Tomorrow (2002)Justin Lin’s “Better Luck Tomorrow” was a stoy about the full diaspora of experiences of growing up Asian in America as opposed to just the stereotypical depictions that they usually receive in Hollywood. A group of teens becomes bored with playing it safe and decide to step out of the conventional box. Once they cross the line, can they ever go back? MTV Films helped to promote the film but it didn’t make much noise. It’s an excellent indie film that should get more recognition.

Kill Bill (2003)Duh! I know that everyone and their mother knows about it but it’s still a cult film. I count it as ONE know, the way it was intended to be released before the studio cut it in half and made the second half a sequel (?).

Ravenous (1999)I really hate describing this film. When I recommended it while working at video/record stores I use to gauge each person individually and pitch different story elements to them just to get them to see it. I rarely mention cannibalism because that’s the sensational aspect of the film. Just see it for yourself and take what you want from it.

Lord Of War (2005)This movie hit home for me because the main character was supposedly the main arms dealer for a character resembling Charles Taylor and his son. Charles Taylor lived in the Boston area for years and went back home to Liberia, became warlord and plunged Liberia into a horribly bloody civil war. Many of my friends had fathers leave Boston to go to Liberia and fight against Taylor’s regime. Many of them also died doing so. This is also the kind of movie that never does well in North America. A very powerful film, indeed.

The Butterfly Effect (2004)Who ever thought that any movie starring Ashton Kutcher would ever make one of my lists?

28 Days Later (2002)This was another no brainer pick as it completely resurrected the zombie movie we just need a film to come along and kill it again. Any takers?

From Hell (2001)The Hughes Brothers' second entry in my Top 100 is their take on the legend of Jack The Ripper and a film adaptation of the Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell graphic novel citing the “World conspiracy” as thought up by prominent Ripperologists. Johnny Depp did his thing again.

Intermission (2003)Collin Farrell, Cillian Murphy and Colm Meaney star in this film about the loosely connected lives of a group of Dubliners. Sex, violence, infidelity, betrayal, greed, jealousy and hatred are all some of the main themes of this criminally slept on film.

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (2004)This movie was a commercial disappointment and it received some mixed reviews. It’s clearly not for everyone’s tastes...I liked it. If I ever get some pull I will try to get Adidas to produce some Team Zissou’s for real as opposed to having to take a pair to some sneaker customizers.

Wonderland (2003)The disturbing tale of John Holmes and his involvement with the Wonderland Murders. Stars Val Kilmer, Dylan McDermot, Kate Hudson and Lisa Kudrow in a dark and somber story of Holmes’ fall from grace and his drug addiction. Depressing as hell.

Next up is the final 8 and a list of flicks that just missed the final cut. Then I post up “What’s New In Dart’s iPod #14” later. One.

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