Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dart Adams presents More And More Flicks

I was reading a blog (namely Ian's Notes From A Different Kitchen) a few days ago and I ran across the names of a few films that I stopped looking for a while back as well as some others I'm not too familiar with. Below are some of my favorite films about the good ol' days (or bad 'ol days to some) as well as some flicks I'd like to see but I can find very little info on. I didn't imbed any videos because there's officially too much shit going on with this blog and it takes hella long to load as it is (RSS reader and Google reader subscriptions should help out with that, though). Here we go:

Michael Campus & Sonny Carson’s 1974 film classic “The Education Of Sonny Carson” is an overlooked gem that made my 25 Most Influential Films In Hip Hop History list way back when I first started this blog. It has been referenced by Lauryn Hill in the past and Ghostface Killah used clips from it on his "Ironman" LP. It's available for sale on DVD and here's a link to one of it's most famous scenes on YouTube.

Gary Weis' 1979 film "80 Blocks From Tiffany's" about the South Bronx gangs The Savage Skulls and The Savage Nomads is well known in underground circles and has experienced a new surge in interest lately thanks to it being featured on Andrew Noz' Cocaine Blunts blog and Ian's Notes From A Different Kitchen. It was pulled off of YouTube but it's still up on Dailymotion in 8 parts. Here's the link to the first part here.

Manfredt Kirchheimer's 1979 film "Stations Of The Elevated" was a favorite among the first generation of backpackers who bought it through mailorder catalogs from Stress Magazine, Mass Appeal and 7th Heaven Mailorder through 12 Oz Prophet. Later on it was bought online through Xylene Distributions and MZEE/From Here To Fame overseas. It's available through overseas distributors now but it can be seen in 5 parts right now on YouTube. Here's the link to the first part here.

Iris Morales' 1996 film "¡Palante, Siempre, Palante! The Young Lords" about the Puerto Rican youth organization that was based in New York and Chicago that along with the Black Panthers and The Weathermen helped change the world back in the late 60's and the 70's. It was also available through Hip Hop mailorder/online distributors but now it's only available for purchase through this website. Here's a YouTube clip of the documentary.

Chris "Freedom" Pape and Stephen Morse's 1998 graffiti documentary "Kings Of Broadway" was yet another favorite of the graf magazine reading backpacker crowd. This short doc tells the story of some of the greatest writers and graf artists in the history of the culture. The full film is available for viewing on YouTube in 3 parts, the first of which is right here.

Kevin Glover’s 2005 documentary “King Of Kings” focuses on the legendary crime bosses and drug dealers from Queens that you've no doubt heard about in 50 Cent's song "Ghetto Qu'ran", Nas verses, Cormega verses and read about in the book "Cop Shot". There's a Dailymotion trailer for it here and you can purchase it directly from this website.

If anyone out there knows how to get your hands on a copy of or a way to purchase the 1973 NY gang documentary "Ain't Gonna Eat My Mind" or Henry Chalfant & Rita Fetcher's 1994 NY gang documentary "Flyin' Cut Sleeves" then get at me here in the comment box or email me with details/info @


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