Monday, October 15, 2007

Some Of My Favorite Videos That No One’s Seen Except For Video/Cinemaphiles Vol. 3

This is the final post in a trilogy of my favorite videos. My next project will be to find and upload a great number of Canadian Hip Hop videos that I have on tape recorded from Muchmusic between 1997-2003. Until then enjoy these:

Esthero-Heaven Sent

Fiona Apple-Across The Universe

Bjork-Possibly Maybe

Cassius-Cassius 1999

Aphex Twin-Come To Daddy

Jason Nevins vs. Run DMC-It’s Like That

Bassment Jaxx-Red Alert

Sleater Kinney-Get Up

Orgy-Fiction (Dream In Digital)

Lenny Kravitz-If You Can’t Say No

Bonus Favorites:

Onyx-Last Dayz

Onyx f/Wu Tang Clan-The Worst

Das Efx-Bakneffek

Nice & Smooth-Sometimes I Rhyme Slow

Bushwackass-Rough, Rugg’d & Raw

Rough House Survivers-Rough House

The Clipse-The Funeral

YZ- Return Of The Holy One (poor audio quality)

The Roots-Clones

Bahamadia-Total Wreck

Smif N’ Wessun- Wreckonize Rmx



Unknown said...

Yeah you get SUPER MAD props over here...what a way to end these dope posts...good looking Dart.

AaronM said...

Great vids, Dart.
Wreckonize remix is SO DOPE.
Thanks for pointing out the video.