Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Hunt For Red October: Mission Accomplished AKA 2007 Is The New Impossible Dream Season

Congratulations to the 2007 AL East, AL & World Series Champions on an unprecedented wire to wire season of domination. Congratulations on having the most dominant postseason in MLB history (numbers wise, not record wise). Fans and media alike doubted many of you throughout the year and said that you couldn't win it all with the talent assembled on this roster. You never panicked when things got hot and your backs were against the wall. In regards to tough decisions, the management stuck to their guns, never waffled or wavered and in the end proved the detractors and nonbelievers all wrong. Enjoy this one Red Sox Nation...there may be more coming soon. Thank you for giving Red Sox fans of all ages worldwide a dream season they'll never forget, I'll see you all at the parade tomorrow.



What It Is said...

I was at that motherfucker and thought of you man. Now, if I had only bought that livingroom set from Jordan's Furniture.

@slushygutter said...

Is that freeway hawking programs in that first picture?
Dammit Holliday, didn't they teach you how to baserun? He's forgive, w/o Holliday we'd have 1 hit!