Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Legends Of The Fall AKA Dartflix Edition #24

Last Dartflix I wrote about how studios are trying to position themselves to have hits and successful films that will capitalize on the Halloween market and last through the holiday season. Now we get to see these films that I talked about last blog begin to get released. The studios are also beginning to release horror and suspense/thriller DVD’s so they’ll be available for rent throughout the Halloween season. It cracks me up that the Netflix model has done so much damage to the video store that now they’ve been forced into the mail to your home game. The thing that pisses me off is that Blockbuster is using their influence to start forcing some big market films into deals where they’re becoming Blockbuster exclusives...what the hell?

That’s some ol’ bullshit, right there. The other interesting company that’s recently popped up on my radar is Redbox. They have these machines that carry DVD’s that you may want to rent at the rate of one night for $1. Whenever I can’t get new releases that I queued early from Netflix (which isn’t often), this is the alternative Buc and I use to see ‘em. This is the beauty of a free economy and competition between, how long before they get bought out and swallowed into Netflix or Blockbuster? I’m also pissed off that Mac users can’t download movies from Netflix (get on your job!) yet.

There are a lot of interesting films coming out in October and below are some trailers for flicks that’ll be out later (because I’m so ahead of the curve that I put up most of the trailers for movies coming out this month between 2- 4 months ago) in the year. Enjoy:

Top Apple Trailers Of The Ides Of October (10.1.07-10.15.07)

Southland Tales

Be Kind Rewind

Ladron Que Roba A Ladron

I’m Not There

Jimmy Carter: Man From Plains

Top 5 Imdb Trailers Of The Ides Of October (10.1.07-10.15.07)

Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

The Mist

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street


Youth Without Youth

Movies that you should consider renting or adding to your Netflix queue early:

Evan Almighty
First Snow
Talk To Me
Time & Tide
Old Boy
Kill Zone
The Machinist
Oceans 13
Triad Election
The Host
Fight Club
Black Sheep
The Wicker Man
Event Horizon
A History Of Violence
The Cooler
A Bullet In The Head
Fulltime Killer
The Reaping
Battle Royale
Right At Your Door
Knockaround Guys
Even Money
Vantage Point
Phone Booth
Four Brothers
Live Free Or Die Hard
The Bourne Ultimatum
Atlantic Records: The House That Ahmet Built
Tom Dowd & The Language Of Music
Day Watch
Mr. Brooks
This Film Is Not Yet Rated
Rise: Blood Hunter
Way Of The Gun
Illegal Tender
The Invasion
Resurrecting The Champ
City Of Lost Souls
Bringing Out The Dead
City On Fire
The Last Legion
Rocket Science
Fay Grim
Last Hero In China
Lady Vengeance
Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance
White Noise 2: The Light
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
Reign Over Me
28 Weeks Later

Dart’s Picks:
War- Did you like it? Well then buy it for only $13 rather than wait months for it to be available for rental here

28 Weeks Later- I love dark, hopeless zombie movies that make it seem like the protagonists are struggling just to survive and their’s nothing they can do to stem the wave of undead that keep attacking. This is one of those movies without a clear ray of hope shining through, it is relentless and doom and gloom all the way. I’m pissed off at the studio for not immediately going forward with preproduction for 28 Months Later...I guess their gonna have to shop it around and find a new home for the franchise. Damn shame, too.

1408- Here’s yet another ghost story/suspense thriller but it’s acted and scripted well. With Samuel Jackson and John Cusack in the lead roles, how can you go wrong?

Reign Over Me-This is why I argue that Adam Sandler is one of the best comic actors of our era. Adam Sandler has done a great job handling dramatic roles like in “Punch Drunk Love” and here in “Reign Over Me” alongside Don Cheadle. Check this one out, too.

Finishing The Game-This Justin Lim film won the Poisonous Paragraphs Independent Movie Of The Month once and now it’s in theatres as well as available for seeing at home for $5.99 through IFC In Theatres On Demand through Comcast digital cable.

White Noise 2: The Light- Nathan Fillion is brought in to the revamped White Noise franchise...I hated “White Noise” with a passion but I really liked this. I’m surprised that simply by changing the focus of the film you could make it work as opposed to having you scratch your head like “I don’t get it”. Rent it.

30 Days Of Night- I’m going to see the hell out of this, I was a fan of the graphic novel and from what I’ve seen of it they did a damn good adaptation of it.

Gone Baby Gone-I’m sure that Ben Affleck’s directorial debut will be pretty good. Plus, he knows actors and he knows how to write. Go see it when it premieres.

Southland Tales- Yet another underground graphic novel that I never thought Hollywood would latch onto becomes a feature film. From what I’ve seen of the three trailers I saw over the past week convinces me that this could be thae next cult DVD to cop when it drops...or a big ass disappointment. Can’t wait to find out which.

We Own The Night- Mark Wahlberg. Joaquin Phoenix. Robert Duvall. Eva Mendes. Go see it.

Michael Clayton-One of the best actors of our era is also one of the best at picking roles and films. His name is George Clooney and Michael Clayton might get him even more nominations come awards time.

Dart’s WTF/Watch This Bullshit At Your Own Risk Award:
Why Did I Get Married-Why? Because it's a Tyler Perry movie (I like him about as much as the bicentennial...that was a lot more powerful when Cube said it, I guess it's because "Arsenio" rhymed with it). Either way, fuck Tyler Perry because he's a fraud and a hack.

Saw IV-All good things must come to an end...Saw hasn’t been good since Saw II in my opinion. It only has to make around $50 million for another sequel to be warranted to the studio...just let this franchise die already.

Transformers-Everyone and their mother is gonna buy a copy and I’ll more than likely end up with one (technically I’m part of the media...scary, huh?) but that doesn’t change the fact that this flick was hot garbage. That’s what’s crackin’ bitches! *Gets ripped in half by Megatron for being Black and still alive*

What the future SHOULD hold for video game films:


Devil May Cry


Samurai Showdown

John Woo's Stranglehold

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six


Second Sight

Assassin’s Creed

Lost Planet



Dioracat said...

I commend you, sir, on what appears to be your excellent taste in movies. Being a closet artfag type chick/movie snob myself, I liked your list of shit to put on your Netflix. It appears many of my favorite movies in recent history are on the list:

Lady Vengeance
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
(Park Chan Wook's Revenge Trilogy is the shit, although I do think I might like Oldboy the best. Have you seen JSA? It's pretty amazing, and you'll recognize the cast)

Oceans 13
(Steven Soderbergh is the man. I liked 11, and 12 as well. Stylistically I dig the 70s look.)

(ZOMG film noir in a current day setting, and pulled off with great actors?! NO WAI!)

The Host
(I thought this was kinda cool as a monster movie, although I liked his Memories of Murder better.)

(Christopher Nolan's first and he really set the bar high for himself as a director. I can't effing wait for The Dark Knight.)

Battle Royale
(Dude. Beat Takeshi's performance in this is UNBEATABLE. I am sad that Hollywood's remaking it. They'll cast some pretty boys and young hot chicks from prime time TV that haven't seen the movie and don't get it, and some retard for Beat's part. Not to mention they'll market it as a horror flick of some sort like Saw. Ugh.)

Day Watch
(Night Watch was the shit too, and I can't wait for Dusk Watch. Russians with the innovative film making in this day and age...WHO KNEW?!)

Dart Adams said...

@ Diora

Yep. I saw Joint Security Area a while back. There used to be this show called "MVH" that came on back when the AZN Network was the International Channel and I saw a commercial for it. I'd always been up on Korean films but that one was ill for many reasons that had nothing to do with camera angles, CGI or stunts.

I'm not looking forward to seeing an American director butcher Battle Royale at all. I still watch it on a gritty ass VCD from the Phillipines that I got in 2002.

I love French and Russian movies because their so damn gritty and innovative.

Check out my last 5 or 6 Dartflixes cuz I tend to put up MAD shit that heads ain't up on. I do it all like homie from LOTUG...Someone gimme an editor job!


alley al said...

someone give this man a job!!!!

alley al said...

a well paying job!!
cuz writers make shit, especially starting out..