Saturday, October 6, 2007

Some Of My Favorite Videos That No One’s Seen Except For Video/Cinemaphiles Vol. 2

I’m back at it again with some of my favorite videos from the era before MTV/MTV2 completely went to shit and chucked out all of their video shows. I never thought that a world without “120 Minutes”, “Amp”, “The Indie Show/Under The Radar” and BET’s “Next”/”Fresh Out The Box” could possibly be so cold. Add to that the phasing out of Much Music into Fuse (which then proceeded to suck more and more as time went on) and the complete eradication of the Burly Bear Network and we have what we have now...a frozen, barren wasteland of soulless, corporate music video shows. Watch

DJ Krust f/Saul Williams-Coded Language

Roni Size-Brown Paper Bag

Portishead-Only You

DJ Shadow-High Noon

Geggy Tah-Whoever You Are

Nada Surf-Popular

Superdrag-Sucked Out


Esthero-That Girl

Air-Kelly Watch The Stars

Daft Punk-Around The World

Chemical Brothers-Hey Girl Hey Boy

Garbage-The World Is Not Enough

Craig David-7 Days

Bonus Favorites:


Wu Syndicates-Where Was Heaven?


Mista-Blackberry Molasses



Anonymous said...

thanx for these vids, that saul williams song is one of my favs from him.

Unknown said...

Always loved that Portishead song and video. Very atmospheric - love the dead slow scratching in it aswell. Oh yeah, and by the way, we still get 120 Minutes on MTV2 here in England!

Its one of the only decent video shows left!

Mike Evans said...

remeber this shit?

video is dope..

btw, i know you prob already heard about this but if not, check it out.. Blood on the Wall$
it's keeping me watchin