Monday, October 22, 2007

Red Sox Nation Stand Up! AKA The Hunt For Red October Continues

The Red Sox have once again shocked the world and come back from a 3-1 deficit to win the AL Pennant and head to their 12th World Series versus the red hot Colorado Rockies. I feel for the Cleveland Indians because they had no idea that when they set foot in Fenway Park they'd catch a prison yard beatdown in Games 6 & 7...Red Sox Nation knew, though. This year there was no hand wringing, no watching the game through your hands or waiting for everything to go wrong. It's a new day...everything went the Red Sox way as they took three straight to earn the right to play for their 1st World Championship since 2004.

It turns out that everything turned after Manny made that statement that got blown completely out of proportion by the media. The world didn't end, the sun will come up again tomorrow and on Wednesday there will be a World Series game played in Boston once the sun goes down, It's impossible to play well or get anything done when you're up against the wall and you begin to panic. The more you let the stress get to you and begin to press and force things, well to quote Souls Of Mischief...that's when you lost.

The Cleveland Indians had that "deer in headlights" look after Game 5 because they thought "Shit! we could've closed them out at home and now we have to go back to Fenway. It's gonna be CRAZY there!" After Game 6's 10-2 drubbing they knew that Game 7 was going to be a fight. Once Game 7 started and the Red Sox began smacking around Westbrook in the first three innings if you looked at the Indians players you could see the hope drain from them. Every key play like Daisuke's last K of the 5th and Kenny Lofton being held at 3rd before the double play that took them out of the 7th.

Kenny Lofton started the next inning in the outfield with a completely blank expression on his face (at the end of the inning he wasn't even aware that it was over). The fielders began punching the ground...they knew the big inning was coming. They were fighting an uphill battle against a team that wasn't going to be denied (MLB is happy as hell that the Sox that'll guarantee ratings for the World Series). Like VB said on Fox 25 News before the game regarding the Red Sox chances of winning:

"This game is more of a done deal than my senior prom!"

I told you so all season long, motherfuckers. Red Sox Nation Stand Up!



Travis said...

Sorry Dart, any other time I'd probably yell for the Sox, but I'm caught up in Rockies fever. Plus I've never been in a riot before, so it might be my only chance if they win.

Dart Adams said...

It's okay, Travis. I completely understand. Let's make a bet between bloggers on this series. I'll hit you up about it on MySpace, we can make it an event.