Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dart Adams presents It's Almost Over....

Back @ 12:37 AM January 1st, 2007 I made my first post on Poisonous Paragraphs. While I had an idea of what I was going to do with this blog I had no damn idea it would become what it did. I wrote the following statement:

"The sole purpose of this blogsite for me to write about whatever the hell I want to at any time. When I write articles, I usually write about subjects that someone else has suggested for me to speak on...some I usually don't give a goddamn about.

I can write about any and all of the things that interest me in the fields of Hip Hop, film, sports, entertainment, etc. The best part is that I don't have to wait for the article to come out, get edited, censored or get soon as I post the joint and press PUBLISH. There it is for the world to see.

Just a warning for people that go on blogs and don't want to read anything....You're on the wrong damn page, fam. I WRITE...A LOT. Anyone who's had to block out time to read one of my long ass blogs can attest to that. Happy New Year to everybody. One."

Needless to say I did exactly what I wanted to do on this blog if not exactly with it. Poisonous Paragraphs was supposed to be my de facto writing resume, needless to say that the print medium all but died during the three year run of Poisonous Paragraphs so I had to come to grips with that fact and go on ahead doing my thing.

It's gotten the the point where I need to make it so I can be free to write on other projects or have the freedom to freelance. After three years of 5 posts a week this blog is so saturated with posts of varying subjects & types (not to mention pictures & images) that it's a chore to search it even for me and I remember damn near everyone of my own posts.

In any event, the final post on Poisonous Paragraphs will be made in 8 hours and I will move over to Bloggerhouse for good and leave the site up so people can read through it at their own leisure. I'll touch on everything else in my final post later on tonight.



Unknown said...

yeah very poisonous indeed lol

Trackstar the DJ said...

Peace to one of my favorite blogs...

Anonymous said...

You write about yourself writing and how you write on the internet instead of print. And you write a little bit more about yourself, and your blog switches the pace up a little bit when you shift the subject matter to yourself. This should be Narcississtic Blogger Get over yourself, buddy.